Just paid off the mortgage!


Woot!! Woot!! This is the third house we’ve paid in full over the years, but this one is especially sweet since it is one of the final steps prior to early retirement. We’ve had the money set aside for a while but waiting to get closer to the magic day before pulling the trigger, and now that I’m somewhere between one day and one year away from retiring early, it was time and IT.IS.AWESOME!!


Congratulations!! That’s an awesome feeling! Assuming you have no other debt, you can now claim true freedom. No one “owns” you, and sounds like you’re about to prove it by retiring early!


That is truly amazing. Congratulations! :champagne:We’re counting down the days when we can do the same thing :slight_smile:


Yeah!!! Happy dance all around. Great work and congrats!!


Great to hear, congrats! :slight_smile:


Sweet! Congratulations! Can’t wait to join you in mortgage-free land myself. :slight_smile:


Congrats on your milestone! That’s awesome!


Nice! It’s a great feeling having the largest debt that you’ll probably ever have…completely paid off, isn’t it? Now, your net worth will REALLY skyrocket as you move closer and closer to pulling the plug. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!!! Great job!


Living the Dream!


O great! congrats to you.