Just booked my first side hustle gig!


I love my job but wish I earned more, so starting a side hustle makes sense as a way to supplement my income. The problem? I haven’t been sure about what kind of business to start. Then, out of nowhere, a colleague today asked me to photograph her daughter’s wedding. Cost is a concern, so I am charging an hourly rate and then handing the photographs over to them. We are both thrilled! I don’t know that I’m necessarily going to start a side business as a wedding photographer, but booking my first gig for which I’ll get paid is an important first step, so just wanted to share :slight_smile:


Well hot damn! Congrats on accidentally scoring your first gig. I’ve photographed a wedding or two as well - lots of work, but if the bride and groom are happy, it’s incredibly rewarding. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Steve!


Congrats!! Making money doing something you enjoy is true success in my mind.


Woot woot! Congrats…side hustling is addictive!