It's NOT too early! What are your 2018 Financial Goals?


-Grow the money buffer in my account
-Turn Moneyhugger into a website, maybe start writing articles
-Find a better work/life balance
-Get ahead on car loan and student loan payments


No doubt you will make all of this happen :slight_smile:


Here’s to making money on the blog!!!


Best of luck! If you develop a website, be sure to go to @Financial_Muse 's website so you can use their bluehost link. That way you can both hit your 2018 goals early!!


Off the top of my head, perhaps…

  • Max 401K, 2 IRAs, 529
  • Invest at least $50,000 in brokerage
  • Reduce mortgage principal by another $10,000
  • Increase charitable donations by 75%
  • Create a FIRE plan
  • Make a plan to add to our family (probably a 2nd dog)
  • Figure out how to increase side income to $5,000


Thanks. $69K ain’t bad either. Keep it up!


Goodness I just realized 99% of my 2018 goals are blog related…it’s kind of finanical, right? :rofl:


Yes, that’s exactly why. And I want to force myself to make those extra payments.


These aren’t exactly money goals, money has just become a scorecard. These are life goals on what to do now…

  • Visit more potential destinations for early retirement
  • Look at that list of retirement hobbies and ask “why am I not just doing this now”?
  • Figure out how much to contribute to a Donor Advised Fund in my last high income/tax year, 2018.


One app and our blog


Definitely! I’m hoping to grow mine in 2018 too.

  1. Finish writing and publish a book on FI titled "Financial Enlightenment–Awakening to the Way of Money
  2. Edit and convert two other books to ebook format
  3. Build a retreat center for a philosophical/spiritual inquiry group
  4. Replace several older cars with newer ones with lower mileage
  5. Find some new deep value stocks to replace stocks that have already reached FV and been sold
  6. Build and rent at least one section of a large commercial bldg so that depreciation can begin on existing structure
  7. Find someone to sell accumulated junk in a large warehouse so that it can be rented
  8. Investigate economical cruise vacations and go on one or more cruises
  9. Study the new tax legislation (which sounds terrible) to understand how it will affect business and personal taxes


Pay for college tuition, braces, mortgages, etc. while not going broke trying to start a blog :laughing:


• max out hubby’s HSA
• max out my spousal IRA
• start an IRA for hubs
• keep getting matching funds from 401k
• keep rounding up mortgage payments
• add more to the emergency fund so that it can equal 6 months expenses
• pray and decide whether to keep tithing and donating 15% net or decide it’s ok to drop it down to 10% to realize these goals
• start a blog to learn web design better and perhaps make money someday
• try to start a financial ministry at church, probably Dave Ramsey because while I don’t agree with him on everything he has the basics down and is great for motivating, plus all the infrastructure needed is easy to acquire though FPU


I’m with you on the Dave Ramsey course … I don’t agree with all of it, but I still teach his course at my church because it’s very appropriate for people who are really in need.


Pay off mortgage!
Max out 457’s and both Roth Iras
Start contributing to Roth 401k
50k to brokerage
10k emergency savings
Travel on mileage points only to get positioned to rock our savings in 2019.
Walk everyday.
Build some zen habits and greater focus.
Lose 10 pounds, just to add some fun.

Just came by to check in (Sept 2018).
Pay off mortgage: on track by Nov
Max out 457 and Roths: on track with auto pays but switched half way through to 457Roth
Roth 401ks: doing 5k a year each to reg 401ks
Not sure where we started on the brokerage… I’ll find out
Emergency fund; Didn’t have enough left over for this. Will have plenty as soon as the mortgage is done so may still get closer
Travel: Not completely but didn’t trace too much. Just wiped out all but $600 with travel point for three flights to Italy next year!
Lifestyle: walking biking and doing lots of yoga. Also making good sleep habits constant battle. Don’t know if I lost the ten pounds. Highly doubt it but can’t get on that stupid scale anymore.


Excellent goals! Crush that mortgage!


In 2016 our housing expenses doubled, and in 2017 our daycare expenses MORE than doubled, and my wife cut her hours by 40%.

So my goal is to maintain our savings (max 401k/403b, HSA, Roth IRA x 2, some into 529s) and increase my income to maintain our disposable income and ideally invest elsewhere.

Increasing my blog traffic (and hopefully revenue) will help with those goals.


Increase savings rate by spending less.
Increase net worth by $300,000
Flip 2 houses.
Help my kid get a full ride scholarship to college.


Last year on a similar post I did all the things I set out to do so I’m excited!!