It's NOT too early! What are your 2018 Financial Goals?


More memories with family … less stuff.


Such fun to read about everyone’s goals. Here are mine:

• Earn $2k per month in recurring revenue
• Increase the joint fund I share with my husband from $25k to $50k
• Increase contribution to my 403(b) by 50% by the end of the year
• Continue to max out IRA


Some impressive goals in here! Mine are:

-Max 401(k)
-Max HSA
-Save for a down payment (an extra $10k - $15k above current savings)


It is something to put it out there for everyone to see, right? When I put my goals out there, I’m more apt to get them done.


I’m working on maxing the HSA too. The secret retirement savings vehicle!

  • Max out RRSP (like a 401k)
  • Max out TFSA (like a RothIRA)
  • Cross the $5k in side income
  • Downsize our house


This will be my first year with a way-smaler salary since I chopped it in half by going part time (20 hrs a week). My goals are to simply still max everything out (401k, IRA etc) and still save some more, Targeting 40%. I was saving 65% before but my salary was fat so it wasn’t too hard.

One bonus, with my reduced salary I won’t have to do the backdoor Roth! I can now do a normal Roth!


I love reading everyone’s goals! Here are mine:

  1. Max out 457 account
  2. Max out HSA
  3. Pay off husband’s truck
  4. Consolidate hubby’s retirement accounts from previous jobs


We accomplished quite a bit in 2017. It’s going to be hard to beat it next year but here are our major financial goals:

  • Max out $18,500 (each of us) in 401k contributions (ineligible for IRA)
  • Max out HSA contributions $6,900
  • Invest $60,000 new money in after tax investments (will depend greatly on annual bonuses)
  • Reduce Mortgage principal by $69,000 (about $30k being extra payments)
  • Pay for college tuition for son #2 without taking any student loans (in state, public ~$22k depending on housing decision)

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly 2018!


Decreasing mortgage by $80k is HUGE!!! Go get em!


Hey, your goals sound awesome! Best of luck with the raise! If you have been rocking it at work you’re sure to get it, be confident and market your self well when you ask for that raise! Prove to them that you deserve it!

Best thing I can think of is use that raise towards your other goals. Live as you currently don’t change that life style of yours so that you can easily max out that HSA and get that rental property! You totally got this!

Mine are

  • Be as frugal as possible (currently in dental school)
  • Pay off my wife’s student loans (3k left)
  • Move to a less expensive apartment complex (downsizing a lot…)
  • Contribute any money left over from our budget to our Roth IRA’s


Awesome! What’s the side biz?


Part-time = more time for you. Inspiring!


2018 will be a HUGE year for you!


Thanks Doc! I’m either getting that raise or taking a new position elsewhere.

Almost done with those student loans. That’ll feel good for you and your wife.




I like that idea! I just paid off my mortgage this month. It feels great.


It’s so fun to see everyone’s goals!
Mine include:

  • Max out HSA
  • Max out 401(k)
  • Get a 10% raise at my new job
  • Reach a 30% after-tax savings rate
  • Refinance my mortgage to a 15-year


Max out 401k, IRA, and HSA.

Quit unnecessary “feel good” expenses like the cleaning lady.

Make 1st $ of the blog.


Why refinance when you could just overpay like your monthly payments are for a 15yr? Can you get a lower rate?