It's NOT too early! What are your 2018 Financial Goals?


I’ve been working on a loose outline for my financial goals for 2018:

  • Max HSA contributions
  • Save up for First Rental Property
  • Open and consistently fund a brokerage account
  • Grow side business to $1k revenue per month
  • Ask for a raise (because I’ve been kicking BUTT at work)

I want to learn from all of you money geniuses!

What are your financial goals for 2018?


Great goals! Do you want to purchase your first rental or just start saving for it?

My goals:

  • Make our first dollar on the blog
  • Save for an engagement ring
  • Track my budget diligently all year


It is hard to believe that 2018 is almost here.

My goals are:

  • Max out Roth IRA x 2
  • Max out 403B x 2
  • Save $2,000 per month in taxable account
  • Continue to grow blog traffic (no target metrics)
  • Travel to Ireland for free (travel hacking)

  • Keep maxing HSA
  • Keep maxing Ms. Blue Ribbon’s Roth (using monthly additions)
  • Max out my Roth (any way possible)
  • Raise my 401k to 14%
  • Increase house overpayment


-Continue growing the blog
-Increase income by 20%
-Decrease mortgage by $80K
-Bonus: Give Baby99to1percent a sibling

  • Max HSA
  • Max Traditional IRA x2
  • Max 401k pre-tax
  • 50% of salary to 401k to include after-tax
  • Grow side income to at least $1000/mo preferrably $2-3000/mo
  • Bonus: my expat contract ends in January 2019, negotiate it ending in time for Christmas at home
  • Extra Bonus: “retire” from my “real job” at end of contract


The goal would be to buy one but only if we get a good deal. Congrats on the pending engagement!!!


My favorite is #4! Best of luck for a happy and healthy family.


Huge and inspiring goals! Thanks for sharing.


Crazy tax advantages! Nice work.


We’re trying our hand at travel hacking Disney for the first time next year. Ireland would be an incredible adventure!


FIRE: June 8, 2018!




Pay off the stinking debt!

Enjoy my family more!


Increase blog traffic, increase blog revenue, double monthly personal savings rate.

  • Finish paying off my car (end of January)

  • Pay off my wife’s car

  • Have 2+ month’s of expenses in emergency fund

  • Begin paying extra towards remaining student loan debt

  • Various home repairs/improvements sprinkled in so wife doesn’t kill me (sarcasm, sort of)

  • save at least 50% of our income
  • Grow our net worth by the same amount as our net income (i.e. we live for free…)
  • make some money from my blog


Nice!!! Not too far away!


Good luck! 50% savings is HUGE!


Looks like debt crushing year! Good luck!


I’m there with you. Any suggestions to increase traffic?