Is a part-time job worth it?


I’m contemplating on applying for a part-time weekend position as a front desk team member at my gym. The pay is a bit over minimum wage (plus commission for any memberships I sell) and the shift is from 6AM to 12PM Saturdays and Sundays. The work wouldn’t be too strenuous and I probably could sit their and read a book for a portion of the time I’m on the clock.

The thing is, I don’t necessarily need the extra cash. I don’t have any debt and my 9-5 gives me enough income to make adequate progress towards my financial goals. The extra income would be able to pay off close to 50% of my monthly expenses however, since I’m living at home for the time being.

I’m just not sure if I should trade 12 hours of my free time for essentially and extra $500 bucks a month.

The angle I’m taking is that while I’m young and have few responsibilities, I should work a few extra hours and be as productive as possible so I can invest more. My Dad on the other hand seems to think I am better off spending me free time relaxing.

Thank you in advance for anyone willing to share their thoughts!!!


Only you can answer this question, but I’m of the opinion that we should spend our time during the accumulation phase of our lives doing everything we can to accumulate money. $500 a month is $500 a month. You might not need the money now, but who knows what’ll happen in the future.

You’re also networking with people in your community. You’ll work with people who might know someone who can help you out in the future. Or, maybe one of your customers will be that person. I believe that when you put yourself out there, in general, good things happen.

Of course, this all depends on you actually enjoying the job. That’s the primary qualifier in my book. If you don’t mind giving up a few hours a week, it might not be a bad opportunity to explore.


Just do it! There will be secondary benefits other than the money

  • meet people for your network
  • learn a thing of two about health
  • learn about what motivates the do-er from the dreamers (January is coming, you could place bets on who will be out by February.)

And you might have fun.

Let us know what you decide



I think you should go for it! If after a while you decide it’s not for you, you could always leave then.
I worked part time at a gym before and I liked it. It really helped me develop better customer service skills.
Do you get a free gym membership (or staff discount)? That’s something to consider, as well.

Best of luck,


@Steve couldn’t agree more and thank you for the detailed response!

Your point about meeting new people is something I didn’t initially consider. I know a few professionals who work all week and only go to the gym on weekends, which could lead to some great networking opportunities as you mentioned.

Thanks again!


Love your take on this @Petra!

You made some wonderful points and it would be fun (and useful) to sit back and observe what makes the difference between dedicated/disciplined individuals and those who are not.

Thank you :smile:


I do get a free membership and also discounts on protein shakes!!!

The membership is actually only $10/month. . . remember this is a FIRE blog hahahahaha, but hey $120 invested over the course of 40 years blah blah blah blah blah.

Thanks @MyLifeIGuess


How much is your time worth to you?


So glad hear you’re willing to work hard by taking a second job. Do you have a blog? You’re in the Rockstar Forum! Many people here have blogs that earn them part-time and full-time incomes.

If you don’t necessarily need the money, consider using your free time in building an asset through a blog, podcast, Youtube channel, etc.

It doesn’t have to be in finance, but find what you’re good at or interested in, and start there.

Hope that helps. Good luck!!


It can work. You may want to look into getting a part-time job in a field that interests you. I’ve heard many people do it and go on to bigger things in that particular field (mainly in real estate). Good luck with your decision!


If you enjoy the gym and don’t have better paying options, try it out for a few months. If you can read a book on the job, you can do surveys or maybe even blog to make the time count even more!


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Part-time job worth but it depends on you and your financial conditions. if you need more money or not satisfied with your income, you need to choose part time.