Is a New Site Design Worth the Cost?


I’m reaching out to a company that does amazing site design. I’m willing to pay them $2,000 and they’ll design something for me along the lines of DollarSprout’s site. They obviously can’t promise me that I’ll get more visitors or that I’ll have fewer bounces, which means that my SEO will improve…so how do I know if it’s really worth the cost? If you were me, would you drop the $2k for the redesign?


A nice web design definitely helps a ton. You want to stand out from the millions of other sites out there. I read through a ton of blogs and you can quickly tell who is serious and who is not.

That being said, $2k does seem a bit steep. Do you really need ALL the bells and whistles at this point? Marketing your site will be the bulk of the work so if I were you I’d rather spend less on site design and more on marketing.


I had my website professionally done, and the designer did a great job. I paid 1000 bucks which included the logo. I thought it was well worth it. her contact info is on my sidebar if interested