Introduction of DaleTheMoneyGuy


Hi Everyone!
My name is Dale Roberts and I’m excited to be here and joining this community. I’m a Californian, from the San Francisco Bay Area. I started my own personal finance blog this year. I don’t work in the finance world, I’m a supervisor at the natural gas utility company. I hope to be inspired by you to do great things with my money and I hope to be able to encourage, support and help as many of you as possible.

I’m married, and the dad of 4 awesome kids. Early this year I took my family on an impromptu road trip to celebrate hitting some financial goals. There’s not much that’s better than going on an epic vacation and paying cash for everything.


Hey Dale, welcome!


HI Dale, how about a link to the site!


Welcome! Great to have you!


Welcome, Dale! I look forward to checking out the site.


Hi Dale!


Welcome! Look forward to reading your blog. I’m sure 4 kids keeps you busy!


Oh yeah, here is the link to my blog:

Thanks everyone for welcoming me.


Welcome to the forums Dale and that is one heck of a big family, 4 personal finance enthusiasts in training :slight_smile:


Welcome, Dale! Good to see you here on the site. I’m a follower of your blog. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Dale! Watch out for this guy. Awesome content alert


Welcome to the group Dale! :slight_smile:


Thank you


Thanks Doc!


I follow you too. Great stuff. Thanks


Thanks. Yeah, my two oldest girls have already contributed to the blog, writi f