Introducing myself - Derek@Life And My Finances!


Hi All!

I’ve been blogging since 2010, but I’m new to the Rockstar forums! I’m excited to help new bloggers and to continue to learn from the veteran bloggers out there.

Check me out if you wish - my blog is But also, let me know what your blog is and introduce yourself to me! I’d love to see who’s active on here.

Thanks all!!



Welcome to the forum Derek


Hi Derek, welcome to the forums! Your blog was one of the first few I started reading years ago. Nice to see you here.


Welcome :slight_smile:


Nice to see you here!!! :wink:


That’s awesome, Amy! I still can’t believe how many readers have been with me for multiple years! Always humbling. Glad to see you here too!


Ha, I’m already obsessed! Love the community!


Hey, you’re finally here! Welcome, good sir.


Ha, somehow I didn’t know (maybe forgot?) that this existed! Glad I found it! Loving it and can’t wait to help where I can too!


Hello and welcome to the forum!


Welcome, Derek!


Welcome to the forums. Glad to have you.


Always been a big fan of your blog. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to spend more time on others blogs as well. Nice to see you here!


Bout time you showed up here! Unrelated don’t go searching for all the posts where I was badmouthing you, they totally don’t exist.

Welcome Derek!


Welcome Derek! Hope you enjoy the forums.


Welcome Derek. Good to have some old timer newcomers on the forum.


A warm welcome to you Derek. Wow 8 years of blogging experience. Awesome. Tom


Welcome @LifeAndMyFinances! You’ve been blogging a long time. :slight_smile:


Welcome Derek. Blogging since 2010 is amazing Glad your here.


Lol. Love it! Good to see you on here!