Index fund investing is boring!


Now you are speaking my language…


Realize I’m adding my voice to this post a bit late but decided to respond anyway.

I am going to go a bit contrarian here: it’s okay to have “boring” investments. The point of your nest egg isn’t to provide a source for an adrenaline rush; it’s to allow you to have a secure future. And since you have retired early (congratulations, by the way!), it will need to last you 20+ years longer than the average person who retires at 65.

But, I understand where you’re coming from and need a little play money of my own. So, if you must also have some play money, my rule is 1-2% of your nest egg in individual stocks. Subscribe to an advisory service if you’d like and have some fun. On one level, you’ve earned it, but on another level, you’re going to have to work doubly hard to be a good steward over your finances since you’ll have a longish retirement, assuming you live into your 90’s or beyond.