Identity theft?


So, is having vehicle registration and insurance cards stolen considered identity theft? Or just a PITA to deal with?


Just a PITA I believe. They shouldn’t have gotten your SSN from those. But you might want to watch your credit reports just in case.


I have put fraud alerts out. Trying to figure out why that is all that was taken from both vehicles. Maybe car identity theft? (using my paperwork in their cars so I’m screwed when they get in an accident or something).

One “upside” - sort of is we thought once got title from dealer saying paid off, were done. Apparently, we should have turned that title in as soon as we got it and get one reissued. So, in process of getting new titles (as well as registration). But the 21 yo car had title signed off by bank that was “absorbed” 20+ yrs ago and DMV didn’t like that, so we’ll see if can even get a new title on that one…


It’s not identify theft unless they use your personal information to open up accounts under your name. Unfortunately they use it to tap into existing phone company accounts and order 10 new phones and sell them on ebay etc. Just keep an eye out and pull your credit report every once in a while to make sure there are no new accounts. By the time you find out about Fraud usually it is way too late.


Could it be used to get “title loans”? Not sure what the requirements are it sounds like a fake ID and title info could be used for that?


So, if you having valid vehicle registration & insurance. Means that ensures it’s not identity theft.


Not identity theft, but you can’t be too sure nowadays. Bad people find ways. Can’t you report it, so you can be notified when someone uses it?