I'd Like Early Feedback on a Big Upcoming Content Release


Hi all, I have a site dedicated exclusively to the HECM reverse mortgage. I would love to get some early feedback from the very smart people on this forum about a brand new reverse mortgage calculator I’m going to be releasing in November.

This has been a big project, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I’m really proud of the end result.

There are a few HECM reverse mortgage calculators online, but I will shamelessly say none of them are as good as this one :grinning:. My goal is to make my site a premier destination online where seniors can get thorough and unbiased information about the FHA-insured HECM reverse mortgage.

*** Please don’t post this link anywhere online ***. The calculator is still in beta and won’t be released until November.


No contact info is required to use the calculator; feel free to fiddle with it using whatever information you want to put in. Note that HECM reverse mortgage is for seniors over the age of 62, so you probably want to use at least that age.

I would love your feedback - positive or negative. Negative comments will be used to improve the calculator and a few positive comments may get posted and acknowledged on my site with a backlink (so please provide the best backlink).

If you’d like to be on the email list when the calculator goes live, you can sign up here.

Thank you for your time!!!