I love these forums


Guys and gals,

I’m really enjoying the look and feel of these forums. The design is minimalistic and easy to use. I love that it doesn’t look like virtually every other PHP-based forum out there, which tends to prioritize sheer volume of features over the ease and simplicity of a minimal design.

It also contains features I like. For example, I don’t have to load another page in order to comment or start a new topic. I also like the badges that we get after we first join and begin using the forums (i.e.: ‘Welcome’, ‘First Link’, ‘Regular’, etc). Nice little touch that keeps people active and interested.

Overall, kick ass forums. Nice job getting everything setup.

– Steve


Agree. Looks super clean. Easy to navigate. Easy to find my way around from one topic to another. Easy to find my way back!! Easy.


Thanks guys!!!

We def. wanted something more clean and simple, so I’m glad it’s coming across that way.

Appreciate y’all being my guinea pigs too :pig:


I just hope no one’s tracking how much time I’ve spent in here already. :blush:


Actually… :wink:


PLEASE don’t check how many times I logged in today.