I hope my website is not delisted


I wanted to access feeds on from this website this morning but there is information that the website wants to ensure that I am not a robot. This was followed captcha saying that I should type in a code. Unfortunately, there was no any code displayed but only a place to tick. Immediately I ticked this, I clicked on ‘delist’ which was under the captcha. Thereafter, I was able to access the feeds. However, I keep wondering why ‘delist’. I want to ask if anybody experienced something like that too.


@Steve is the one to talk to…


Hey @Myfinancekits.com!

I’m not sure that I’m completely following. Delisted from where? Here on the forums? Your account is still active and you should be able to post. Are you experiencing problems?


Thanks Steve. I found out that the website is not de-listed. It is the word “delist” under the Captcha that confused me. Thanks