Hustle ideas for someone with more money than time?


I’m looking for any side-hustles that mostly take money, not time. My wife and I each work have each had great opportunities with promotions or job changes over the last couple of years. We hope to someday have a better balance of time and money than we currently do but for right now we’re still happy to be in “career mode” and making good money. However, I’d like to be prepping for that eventual “some day” by getting some side hustles off the ground.

After budgets and taxes we still have about $5k per month to spend on something. We don’t have any debt. What would you do if all of your budgets and expenses were covered and you still had $5k/month?

I’m new here. This seems like an awesome forum.


Invest it in low cost index funds.


80/20 rule:

80% into low cost mutual funds (what @FerventFinance said!)
20% invested into “you”. Either startup funds for something that can grow, or self development to increase your market value. Or, you can put 10% into “play money” and do speculative investing, and 10% into “you”.

The important part - keep the majority of the “excess” funneling into the market. It takes a TON of money to build financial independence, and this should be your priority before launching a speculative venture.


I hear you. I was working 4 days a week before I discovered FIRE. Now I’ve discovered it, I have so many things I’d like to spend time on, but I don’t have the time! It will be at least 2 years until I can look at reducing my hours again, because I want to fully commit to the job I have taken. I’m just spending what little time I have slowly, slowly building my skills and learning. The idea is that when I do have more time again, I’ll have a strong foundation and be ready to move straight away.