Hurricane Irma Thread


Seems there a lots of Floridians on the forums. Awesome! This is a thread for updates on the storm - financial implications, planning tips - or if you need information or help please say so. What are you doing to prepare and do you have tips for other folks who are perhaps getting a late start?


I’m in Jacksonville, so North Florida, so far we are putting plywood over the big windows, doing laundry, and cars are gassed up just in case we evacuate.

My big tip is to get cash out now if you don’t have any. We learned with hurricane Matthew that card machines will be down at various businesses even though electricity will be on.

Praying for anyone in Imra’s path. Be safe!


Here’s a post I just published, it’s a round-up of good articles that may help some, especially the one titled “Hurricane Prep List – Stock Up and Prepare Your Home” written by someone who just went through Hurricane Harvey.


Thanks for sharing!


Great idea - I forgot that that ATMS and credit card readers are down without power


I’m in Orlando, and it looks like we’ll be OK for it. We had a LOT of old water bottles and some old liquor bottles we’d been using for flower holders we filled with water which saved that.

We ordered a bunch of things on Amazon last week (a butane stove, some lanterns, batteries) which saved time/money in trying to go out and find them. I’m seeing photos of friends at Lowes/Home Depot and they’re OUT of lumber of any kind due to everyone boarding up windows.

I’m crossing my fingers we don’t get broken windows (or worse). Luckily here in Orlando we’re not expecting anything over ~110 mph winds. My house (owner) withstood 3 hurricanes in 2004, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s strong.


Great information, Amy!


Wishing you all well. We have a home in Winter Haven, pretty concerned about our neighbors there. I guess we’ll know soon enough if we need to make a trip down to take care of any damage.


Hey guys just wanted to give you a bit of an update. I am located on east coast of Florida closer to Daytona. Part of my job outside of blogging requires Shelter duty for cases of emergency. So I am stationed at a local middle school. For anyone that has never been part of Shelter duty or emergency triage it is an extremely humbling experience. People come in with just blanket and a pillow in some cases. It is times like this that I am remember how blessed I am.

Currently we are experiencing gusts up to 30mph but will likely hit 70 ish in the next couple hours.


Hoping all is well!


Hope all are well! Having the storm veer at the last minute and hit Orlando had us worried for a while, but luckily things were ok.

We never lost power longer than 30seconds, but lost internet at 2:30am. Cell service has been unavailable until now. Lily (our dog) was nervous, but settled down when we moved to our (quieter) bedroom. The biggest casualty is the carpet in our bedroom is wet from underneath (a crack in the foundation maybe). Carpet is airing out and hoping to salvage it, but the foam underneath is a sponge that’ll need to be replaced.

We cleaned up some downed branches in our front yard this morning and have been otherwise just listening to news and now tethering to Mrs. Minafi’s phone to get my hit of internet for the day. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you made it through okay @adam_minafi . Sounds like our home faired well too. A few neighbors have some damage but ours checked out good according to our neighbor.


Glad to hear that our Floridian members are ok so far.


Thanks for sharing the blog. We cannot stop these natural calamities but we can fight them. We need to take some safety measured to get prepared for the hurricanes.