How's everyone holding up this year?


I know this sounds silly, but it was so much more exciting to save when the markets were trending upwards. This year, it’s been a little stressful seeing the occasional negative swing, but nothing terrible has happened. I’m still doing the same thing as last year, but I’m feeling a whole lot less excited about it all.


The S&P 500 is still up in the last year and just slightly down YTD. It’s been a bit more volatile especially in the latest month but I’ve had no worries about anything.

I think these last 3 months have been a good test for anyone around their asset allocation. In my mind, if you’re worried right now at all, your asset allocation is too aggressive because things could get a lot worse given the fact that we’re not really down at all this year.

It’s easy to get used to the results after 2008 especially for those who weren’t invested before 2008 but I fear that’ll lead to a lot of quick selling when we actually move into a bear market.


Not bad. I’m bracing for the recession haha


I beat S&P500 and Dow but trail NASDAQ and accounting for inflation my return is moot.
My returns are best on days when broad market drops.

My portfolio is mostly treasuries, shorts , energy stocks, and foreign low P/E stocks/ETFs,


I’ve always like the idea of continuing to buy in a declining market. You can bring your overall investment cost down by continuing to dollar cost average. Still buying stocks.

But my Bitcoin looks terrible…


Good news for you:
Some market is always declining somewhere.

My most profitable investment this year was buying declining Turkish stocks when Turkey’s dictator got into word fight with US dictator.


I don’t get all the market consternation personally. The whole thing is largely sideways. Given I was fearing a 25 percent decline from the beginning of the year I’m feeling pretty good. Even with a decline I’m set to stay the course but a real down year would have an emotional and income impact.


Im just trying to stay the course and am continuing to invest heavily in stocks in my retirement accounts. It’s inevitable that another large dip is coming at some point and that’s when we’ll really see people start to freak out. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m thankful for all of you guys and the positive reinforcement. My 401k provider posted this notice up on the login page seems like lots of people have been spooked!


This brokerage message is actually inappropriate and irrelevant. One does not need to time market to recognize when stocks are expensive and when are cheap and step away from bubbles. Various funds peddle this permabulish nonsense for obvious reasons.


I found the year enlightening :slight_smile:


Its interesting for sure. I don’t mind for the most part, I’m pulling the lever on quitting my job in March. It would probably take another 25% from here for me to reconsider that.

Personally I think we’re going to see a 20% total drop basically manufactured because “we just haven’t had one for ten years”. Some technology stocks got ahead of themselves, but I can’t really see what else is wrong.

Consumer confidence is high, unemployment is at an all time low, GDP growth is strong, energy prices are low, and credit quality at the banks is outstanding.

I’ve moved my cash allocation into the market and have been buying some of what I’ll call “baby with the bathwater” companies in beat down sectors and have moved about 15% of my portfolio from index funds into beat down companies.

The market could easily go down another 10-20%, unfortunately investing is a lot like surfing. You can be right, but be right too early and the wave smashes you


Crushed S&P500 and Dow by 10% in 2018. Fairly pleased with myself.