Howdy folks from Accidental FIRE


I’ve been following FIRE and money blogs for a long time now and reached FI myself a few years ago. I just semi-retired at my job and went half-time to start living life more on my terms. I also started my Accidental FIRE blog in early November and was fortunate enough to get featured on RockStar Finance yesterday. It really boosted my traffic to say the least as I didn’t have much before that!

I plan to mostly write about my journey to FI and semi-retirement with my unique experiences. I also have a FIRE Satire section of the blog that is a kinda-take-off on a famous satirical website that most of you know.

Happy to be here and to virtually meet folks!


Hi AF, welcome to the forums. Congrats on the Rockstar feature and the semi-retirement! I look forward to reading more of your stuff.


Thank you - and I think you retweeted me once so tnanks for that as well!


Way to go on the Rockstar Feature !
Welcome to the one of the friendliest and most helpful online communities there is.


Welcome to the forum @Accidental_FIRE. Nice looking blog you have there!


Welcome aboard. :wave:


Nothing like that “Rockstar Bounce”! What a rush! Welcome to the nuthouse, congrats on achieving FIRE!


Thanks so much, glad to be here!