How'd You Make Your Very First Money?


Explained all here: family allowance, plus some private lessons since age 14 :slight_smile:


I cut lawns for $10-$20 in 1991. In 1992, I hung door hangers for Domino’s pizza for $4.25 an hour. You can now check the directory to see my net worth :slight_smile:


First side Hustle was pulling dandelions out of Mrs. Wilberdings lawn. My brother gave me the job. It was for fifty cents an our. The lawn was spread out over acres. I would often fall asleep n the wet lawn. It was the ost boring job. I remember that first dollar, represented two hours of arduos labor


Mine was mowing lawns for the neighbors! Admittedly, my mom (and dad) helped connect us with neighbors, but we did the work.

My next one, which was a growth out of the first, was helping people with their computers. Being a nerdy kid meant I helped folks with their computer troubles. They, then paid me for my time. I never had a going rate, they always just paid me far more than I thought my time was worth. But hey, it worked out!


What about if you have your own card but you’re under 18 and still don’t pay taxes but you want the Money to go on your card and not your parents?


I remember buying lollipops and candy bars on sale at my local supermarket then reselling them on the school bus when I was 8 years old. Money was great for a while until about 3-4 months later, the school principal called me into her office and told me that I am not allowed to do that. I think I was competing with the school’s snack machine since I was selling it at a cheaper price. There goes the free market.

Overall, I made $655.50! I put the money into my first bank saving accounts. Still have my first bank account book. I was so proud of myself. I later used that same account to invest in college. The same candy money is still growing in my retirement portfolio. :blush:



My first job was working as a camp counsellor for a day camp. I was paid $500 for the entire summer which works out to a little over $1 an hour lol. My tasks were to take care of the kids, play with them, make sure they’re eating, apply and re-apply sunscreen, etc.


Laying sod for my dads landscaping company, he built houses and I always had the honor of whatever job nobody else wanted to do. Sweeping out during the interior construction phase was the easiest one and laying sod was hands down the hardest. When you are a little kid each piece of sod is an unwieldly nearly immovable object - and no matter how many you lay those pallets never seemed to get smaller. Great lessons learned though in work ethic and I’m thankful to have done it.


I made my first money by selling playing cards to kids in school, when I was 12 :slight_smile:


Sold root beer floats and A&W. Also how I learned about breastfeeding as a woman was doing that in the drive through one time. It was a busy first week!


Included a few of you in my own post on the topic. Thanks!:


In Switzerland, at May 1st, Children are going singing from house to house. And people give money and candies. This was probably my first side hustle, very early on.
The earliest real side hustle I can remember is mowing the lawn for two peoples in my village.
After that, I took on a few websites managing them for a fees since I’m a computer scientist.


I started to work at the college first)
I needed money for everyhting and had to support my needings.
but, I also used to take small credits like 300-500 from online services
not the best idea, but that really helped me. the best I used was the

anyway, the one conclusion I have now is that better to start work earlier. That’s because when you got used to take money from parents, and then you go to college it’s a big stress to earn them and study at the same time/


Since this thread got resurrected, my first real job was working at a camp where they hosted weekend conferences. I would work 1 or 2 full weekends a month and make as much if not more than I would have if I had found an after school job to work a few hours a day.

I also wrote a post about everything I’ve done for money in my life:


Mowing lawns in my neighborhood. Gas was 23 cents a gallon. Yup. I’m that old.


23 cents? Wow!


When I was younger, I remember picking pecans in my father’s backyard for money. I’ll write a post about it soon.


Somehow, I got my first money from gambling. It was a slot. As a teenager, I was dreaming to visit a casino, and at roughly the same time, online casino websites started to spread. Without pausing to think, I registered and wagered a few bucks on pokies, that is how we call slots in Australia . To my greatest wonder, I won around $10. Since that occurrence, I continue to gamble from time to time. Well, I do not hope to make big money, but it helps to relax and have some fun.


The first odd-job I took was as a clown for a street fair in my hometown. I was a 90-something pound high schooler wearing pants wider than my arms could reach, helping kids reach the fair games or painting faces. It was something like $7 an hour. It was ridiculous and silly, and it opened up a world of side hustles with kids that I still hold to today, whether as a paid birthday fairy or princess entertainer or a singing telegram, or even professionally working with kids and adults with cognitive disabilities. It paid for my college, and has brought a lot of unique joy to my life over the years.