How'd You Make Your Very First Money?


It was an amazing experience in my life. When I made my first time income. Though it was only $1 for a web scraping project. But the experience was lovely. Even I can clearly remember that time.


I pulled weeds one summer. I was 13 I believe. Best money ever made since it was the first!!!


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Hope that helps.


My very first well paying ‘gig’ was sitting around, counting cars… Yup, as weird as it sounds, I made $50 in a couple of hours!

I had a wealthy neighbor who was looking for a good spot to open up a business. So, she asked my parents if they would let my sister and I ‘analyze’ a few of areas for her, in exchange for cash.

At the time I thought that lady was crazy… paying us to count cars…But it was worth it. Bought my very first Walkman with the money :joy:


I was in 3rd grade when I started my first hustle. I was a huge fan of Captain Underpants, and I started writing and illustrating my own comics. My mom helped me scan and print them. I sold a few during lunch (50 cents a pop!), but the teachers made me stop. Apparently industrious third graders robbing their classmates of snack money are a menace to society.


Just wanted to bump this and a bit of a humblebrag: friend of mine is starting a health coaching company, primary audience looks to be companies. She’s going to be building a web site and came to me for some web support. It’s not a ton of money but it’s the first I’ve done, so I’m pretty damn pleased with it! Obviously not the first money I’ve made, but the first in recent history that wasn’t from a 9-5 job.

I’ll likely continue doing similar projects into the future :slight_smile:


That’s cool! Never would have thought of that.


Captain Underpants? Way cool! Shame you got shut down. Do you have any of your work saved? Would be great to see it.


Awesome on the website support. I’ve been doing the same for the Texas Bluebird Society and it’s been educational and puts a little money in my pocket.


Nope this was about 20 years ago. I can always ask my mom, she likes to keep that stuff


I remember when I made some money with online slots 5 yers ago. And since that time I’m a great fan of gambling! I totally adore that special type of fun which it gives to me so in my case it became a hobby a long time ago. I even think sometimes that I could be considered as a heavy player but in my case it’s mostly that time which I spend to various games, not money because I always control my separate budget for this hobby Yeah, I know my limits and I try not to concentrate too much on money I can win, for me general process of playing is much more pleasant, I think that it’s a common thing for many players, maybe that’s why it’s so easy to become addictive in this case like in case of other types of games too.
To tell the truth, I’m not a great fan of real casinos, I tried them several times but it seems that it’s just not my type, smth with the atmosphere which isn’t perfect for me… I prefer online much more, online slot machines and craps are my favourite in this case, however it’s really hard sometimes to find a good one, not a scam. On the other hand I really like that there are many games where you can play free just for the process without spending money which in my case is really a nice solution sometimes And in case of prizes… I’m not a very lucky person for casinos, my biggest prize was smth like 120$ in general but it was a pleasant one anyway.
I like card games too, especially bridge and poker but I play them only in real life, usually in a company of my friends, for me that’s really interesting only in this way Sports bettings and lotteries are my favourites too but I’ve never been lucky with them


Buying candy multi-packs and selling them individually. I would take orders at lunch, and then I would come to school the next day with all of their items and collect their money before school. I ended selling so many a day that sometimes I would bring a separate backpack just filled with candies and make like $20 a day as an 9 year old. I guess selling candies was big in my elementary school.


babysitting… i got paid in checks… it felt official… $5/hr as a teenager
oh…first time i had to get a work permit… age 13 or 14… answering the phone on sundays at church…also $5/hr


I made my first money, when I was in school. It was labour day and we had to earn some money for charity. I polished my uncle’s shoes and earned quite a bit.


I made my first money delivering newspapers; I was in fifth grade. I had a route near my house I only made a few dollars a week for delivering the papers. However, you got a commission for signing up new subscrbers. So I would knock on doors and pitch people to get subscriptions. I remember figuring out if I could sell two subscriptions a week a would make 60 or dollars a week. The big money was the holidays because you would get tips.

(That was almost 30 years ago, I couldn’t imagine letting my kids wonder the neighborhood like that today.)

Eventually, the job led to a connection with a local gift basket store owner who hired me to do odd jobs around the store. That job evolved to me making and designing gift baskets and I did well enough that I was getting payed as much as some of the managers.

Wish I had a cool story about how I was an investing genius and did some awesome thing with the money. Most of the money in my early years got spent in comic books and video games. Later like most high school boys at the time it got spent cars and trying impress women. I still with my high school crush so it wasn’t that bad of an investment.

If a life lesson was learned, it was ”it’s ok to have nice things you just have to be willing to do the work to get then.”


Here’s mine:

Mentioned what I did as a kid in the write up. Hope you enjoy it!!


Mine was mowing lawns in my neighborhood. It was great. Being outdoors, seeing the results of my work right away, getting exercise, freedom of schedule. What a great job that was.


first of all, I have to work hard and sell newspapers on the streets as I were 14 years old. However, when I was 18 I started to play online games that receive some money to me.However, it is not really a good way to earn. I think if you want something to buy, for instance, good clothes, food, cars etc you have to work hard. Every day and every minute


Well, I was 15 and had my first android phone and dowloaded a Online Slot Reviews, played a little and made some money. It was very interesting :grin: It is still hard to belive


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