How were you frugal this week?


That is awesome! Free beer and free food is definitely hard to beat. Nice of you to help him out as well. Thanks for sharing!


Awesome! Pre-planning and pre-packing meals $aves TONS of money!! Thanks for reminding us of that! Great job!


Exactly right! It takes less gas to move a vehicle at slower speeds. I’m guilty of this as well. Never speed! All it does is dips into your wallet! Thanks for the reply!


Hello again, I have to say being frugal is a game for me and it makes me feel more self reliant in a sense to a degree. For example: making my own pea soup, which is not hard, but home made soup is so much better than the canned soups which I sometimes call salted water b/c there is almost no food in these cans.

But I have sinned too by procrastinating, for example as in not buying travel tickets in time, which is based on fear. So I have narrowed down my cause of procrastination as in a mild fear which I can work on as in “self work”. Life has its challenges, what may be a piece of cake for someone else may be a challenge for me and vice versa. So, being frugal is also overcoming procrastination and find the cause(s) for this behavior and take the steps to overcome that obstacle.

Another frugal thing is that I nearly never go to restaurants. Too much money for something that I can cook better and in shorter time. I get stressed from thinking how much I am spending for one restaurant meal, then thinking about how hard I have to work to earn that money. I find that the harder you have to work for you money, the harder you want your money to work for you. (im in health care by the way - a kick ass real hard job where you walk a fine line between life and death every day)


Thank you for your service in the healthcare industry! I know it’s very hard work. I don’t blame you for fixing your own soup. Yes it’s definitely BETTER! Also eating out is very expensive especially if you do it on a regular basis. We do eat out once or twice a week (some weeks) simply for something different that we don’t have to mess with. I wish you continued success with your frugality! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


I’m loving reading through all of these comments. So many good ideas on how to be more frugal!

We cut our grocery bill down by 75% last month, and plan to do the same for this month.

The biggest thing we changed was we cut out meat completely. My husband alone was spending 60% of our grocery bill on meat (we typically buy pasture raised, organic, etc).

That alone saved us hundreds of dollars!


I managed to fix my iPad with YouTube. I had dropped it and the colour had gone funny. Several videos told me to tap the back. So I did. Was too gentle the first time, it worked the second time. Yippee! (The spender part of me was hoping it was knackered, just so I could have a new one as it is 6 years old, but the frugal side won)


Wow! Huge $avings! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! Remember to use the savings to actually move the needle! Thanks for the response :slight_smile:


That’s great! Maybe it will last a little longer while you $ave for a new one. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I used a free Subway gift card, got points for a free sub for next time, and filled out the survey on the receipt for the free cookie, too! I also have $7.01 left on the gift card for another time after the next time!! I guess that was pretty frugal. I also, cancelled my wife’s gym membership. She won’t find out, because she never uses it!! HaHaHa!!!


Took the subway from Port authority to JFK airport. $15 for 2 people vs $50.


We have the PGA Championship in town (Charlotte) this week. I so wanted to go, but never pulled the trigger on tickets and they’re quite expensive. I ended up being gifted a ticket through work for Sunday (woot woot)! The frugal part…a parking pass didn’t come with the ticket, but we have a friend who lives just a mile away from the course so I plan to park and walk for free.

Also, with my Chase Sapphire card I get access (free) to the Cardmember Club at the course…bonus!!



I used textbooks on reserve at the school library. This is a huge money saver. Anatomy books and biochemistry books run a few hundred dollars.

Sometimes I leave my apartment door open when I am studying to get the hallway AC instead of turning mine on which increases my electric bill.


Lol I love it!


Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Free parking and exercise to boot! Win win!


Awesome! How was taking the subway?


It was easy. We used it before to go from mid-town down to the village. We never used it to go all the way out to the airport. It is definitely the way to go. We will use it when we get back too.


I was not frugal last night. After a long day at work I went home, picked up the family and we proceeded to spend $60 bucks on pizza, beer, and a salad (gotta act like I am staying healthy). Then we topped it off with a $10 smoothie. Yikes.

Sometimes that dopamine response in the head needs to be triggered. Last night was one such night.


That’s what you call a cheat day @Dads_Dollars_Debts …good for the diet and the fight for frugalness! :slight_smile: