How were you frugal this week?


Borrowed tools from a tool library instead of buying them.

I love @littlemouse mentioned dental care! I hadn’t thought about brushing teeth as a way to save money but it totally does in the long run! Same to exercise and nutrition.




Doing ANYTHING for yourself is AWESOME! Congratulations and keep striving!


I went into work to cover for a manager that was having a family emergency - and I brought my own coffee and tea! And even arranged to leave for a few hours so I could go home and eat, then come back to cover a break, instead of staying and getting food court lunch. And my Dad and I used two coupons for the fancy ice cream, because we’re suckers for some cold creamery on a hot, hot day. Saved $4 each visit! … though we probably shouldn’t have ice cream that much :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome job! EVERY dollar adds up if we actually put the dollars we save into savings or investments. Great work!


As of late, I have started to buy more generic products when grocery shopping. I was never a generic product snob, just didn’t pay attention that much. It might sound small but I can actually add up to something big over a few grocery runs.


It doesn’t sound “small” at all to me. That’s HUGE!! Store brands are really good and a lot cheaper! We’ve been using store brands for years and the savings adds up! Great post and thank you!


Done this for so long I forgot it was about frugality. I actually don’t know where the nearest food joints are in relation to my office. And I feel like that’s brag-worthy!


I drive around within the speed limit instead of constantly speeding up and slowing down. Also coast to traffic lights whenever I can. It’s amazing what steady speed does to car mileage.


I have all dinners planned for the month of August, making sure to use what I already have in the freezer along with enough meals that should make the kids happy, or at least counteract the few meals that I know they’ll complain about.

“pro” tip: if you have a bakery outlet nearby (there is a Franz one near us), getting bread products there is SO much cheaper and you don’t lose all that time in the kitchen. A loaf of organic WW bread is $1.25 for us. Same with a 12 pack of burger buns (buying off the 4/$5 shelf and tossing stuff in the deep freeze)


Have a co-worker of my husband staying with us while he waits for his new house to close and he’s going to buy me some of my favorite summer beer. Free beer! We’ve also been eating all the food he had in his freezer, so that has saved us money on food.

I’ve also been drying clothes on the deck instead of running the dryer.


I fixed our clogged bathroom sink rather than paying a plumber to do it. Not hard to do, just messy.


I loaded up on my laundry detergent for the year @ Target. On top of that, I used a gift card for it from some items we had previously returned, so it didn’t really cost me anything. For some reason, I loathe buying detergent when I’m at the grocery store and figured now was the perfect time to load up.

For the frugal folks out there, Target has $15 off purchases of $50+ for cleaning supplies, plus free shipping. It’s not limited to just laundry detergent, but I got 4 things of Tide, a big pack of paper towels and some other cleaning stuff for like $40.


Foraged delicious raspberries from an abandoned raspberry patch near my house - so far I’ve frozen about a gallon! :yum:


Stayed home and tried a new recipe that proved successful! Way cheaper than going out and learned something new.


Awesome! I also take my lunch to work daily. $aves a ton over the years!


Fantastic! I bet it was also tasty and good for you! Win win!


Mmmm I love raspberries! Great job!


Wow! You did well! Keep on keeping on!


That’s great! We can do SOOOO many things if we just try. $aves bookoo bucks in the process. Great job!