How were you frugal this week?


Well “frugal” or not, I’M TOTALLY IMPRESSED! Walking to and from work is awesome. Saving money while getting exercise! Not using A/C saves tons as well (please do it safely, health first!) And no car is highly impressive. Thanks for replying! Awesome!


Wow…all of that? Hmmmm…oh well thanks so much for the update. I’m not having any issues (yet) I just assume I will eventually lol…I’ve had Moen faucets over 10 yrs and they’re still perfect. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Great! Sounds like you got a great deal! Thanks for sharing!


The past week was’pretty standard’, meaning I cooked at home every day and didn’t spend on weekdays. Except for the weekly grocery shopping, which was withing budget.

We did spend this Sunday though, went on a 1 day trip to visit a waterfall park. It was a 2 hour drive so we did spend on gas, but we packed out own lunch (which was highly recommended by most people on TripAdvisor anyway), so we managed to have a frugal fun Sunday for less than $50 :slight_smile:


Adriana that sounds simply divine! You guys had a great time and spent very little doing it. That’s awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:


No AC is hardcore. I can do it in a mild climate like Boston, but here in the tropics near Hong Kong, I can’t even step outside without breaking into a hard core sweat. The AC here is a requirement. That said, when I lived in VA the house I had didn’t have AC and it was no issue at all. Just get a little window unit for a room or 2 and use fans and the savings pile up.


I was bad and conned myself into upgrading my aging laptop. Hopefully it ends up being an okay decision if I can squeeze a little bit more life out of this thing.


Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do! Congrats on the new laptop!


I can totally relate. I use a window unit to this day. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


Spent $13 on a replacement part for my weed wacker instead of $300 to buy a new one I’ve been lusting after


Awesome! I recently put a new heating element in our clothes dryer. The element was 14.78. Dryer heats great. It’s almost 10 yrs old but works fine! Put money aside each week until you can get the weed eater outright without moving the needle backwards :slight_smile:


Made the decision to live with my future in-laws for two months while my fiance finds a job. We are moving back to our home state and could afford to live in an apartment there on my income alone, but decided to save the money instead.

I fully recognize how lucky we are to have the option to be frugal like this!


I have a passion to be frugal, it is fun:
I make my own lunches for work. Bake own muffins. Made own Vietnamese spring rolls, easy. Dried laundry by air dry. Buy most groceries on sale, if something is too expensive, I wait till it goes on sale. Soft driving: saves on gas and wear and tear, and no speeding tickets. Selling a piece of furniture on Craigs list that I don’t need anymore. Daily good care of teeth.


Kudos to you!


Very fortunate! Great choice and lots of luck to you! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Thank you :slight_smile:


Oh thank you for your so warm and positive responses. Which is frugal too, b/c being happy is frugal as it has health benefits.


Gatorade went on sale for $.69 if 10 bottles bought. I bought 50 and saved $15. Found steel rebar on sale for $5.37 a stick in a nearby town. Bought 200 and saved about $550 after paying transportation costs. I’ve been putting sweat equity into a new home for our daughter all year. It gives me exercise and lots of fun for free, and will increase her net worth about $200K and save her $40K in construction costs. Ate dinner on a coupon and saved $5. Drank free coffee at Home Depot and Lowes while buying materials and saved the $.50 it would cost me each time if I had to buy it. Booked two free flights to a western state using CC points and saved about $500. Booked a rental car for 10 days 3 months in advance and saved about $400. I could probably list a dozen more similar things. Being frugal is both fun and highly profitable.


Changed my own oil on the Battle Wagon.And I am the least handy person in the world.

I am not sure if I saved any money or not but later in the day I noticed an additional 2 points on my do-it-yourself awesomness card.


Wow - that is a lot of good stuff there. Got me thinking…