How were you frugal this week?


I kept my money in my wallet, bank, and Vanguard lol

$aving George


I packed my lunch every day. Did not buy any coffee. Spent nights at home instead of going out for dinner.




We went out for dinner on Saturday night. However, we used a $15 off coupon from the Entertainment Book that @PoF suggested for great savings. Two dinners at a nice Thai restaurant for $20.


Nice!! Sounds delicious! :slight_smile:


Went tent camping in Canada. Two nights at the campground was under $50. Our meals consisted of sandwiches, hot dogs, fruits and veggies from the grocery store. Entertainment was a waterfall hike, free bounce houses at a waterfront festival. The only paid attraction was a bush plane museum, and it was well worth the price of admission (about $25 for the family of four).


Wow! You guys had a blast and did it very affordable. I’m impressed! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Spent two weeks on the property of a VRBO that my in-laws completely funded. Free rent. Free food. Yeah, we were pretty damn frugal during those two weeks. :slight_smile:


Mr.Need2Save fixed our failing dish washer with a $12 replacement part and watching a couple Youtube videos! Yesterday, we fixed our dripping shower with a $30 replacement piece from the hardware store and we are going to call Moen on Monday to see if they will send us a free replacement diverter part (supposed to be gauranteed for life).


Youtube has saved us a ton of money by not having to pay for repairmen to come out to do repairs.


Fantastic!! Keep us posted because I have a Moen in my bathroom too lol…way to go!


Awesome Steve!! Can’t get no more FRUGAL than free! Freakin fantastic!


I actually wrote down a meal plan and stuck to it! It really helped to have the week pre-set vs. last minute scramble, I was able to dig into the pantry and use items that have been sitting on shelves for awhile (beans on taco night, pizza sauce on homemade pizza night). And surprisingly enough… it was delicious!


Man that is fantastic! It’s amazing at the stuff we can accomplish if we just get creative and TRY. Great post! Thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah me too. I use it TONS! A great way to save is by doing it yourself! Thanks so much for the post :slight_smile:


I rode my bike for transportation to the dentist and back. Then Sunday was spent bike riding for fun. Free fun is the best. :slight_smile:


For sure. I love bike riding!


I did a few things that are often confused with being frugal. I walked the three miles to and from to work. I use a meal plan pretty much every day and generally take my lunch to work. I don’t use A/C (it only gets up to the high 80s / low 90s in Boston, anyway). I haven’t driven a car or been inside a car in months. But, I am not a frugal person.


Scoop on Moen is that you have to be the original owner of the fixture and have proof of purchase in order for the warranty to cover any replacement pieces for free. So I ended up having to pay for a replacement diverter for our fixture, but will be keeping our payment proof for the other bathroom we have that has new Moen fixtures going in (in case we ever need in the future). She said if it was new construction that you purchased with Moen, you’d send in a copy of deed or title showing you were the original buyers of the home when they were installed. We are not the original owners of this house, so we couldn’t use the warranty for us.

Maybe that helps you, or maybe not? Good luck though if you are having any issues.


Mr. Frugal Hacker and I just got back from a 6-day camping trip to Banff and Jasper in Canada. We spent $370 per person all inclusive (flights from SF to Calgary, car rental, gas, accommodation, food, activities). Considering that “cheap” lodges in the area run up to $200 - 250/night during the Summer high season, I’m feeling pretty frugal right here! #frugalwin