How to read our Federal Budget :)


Saw this on Twitter just now and almost choked on my water…

I can never fully comprehend large numbers but this sure does the trick!

(Also - this is NOT meant to be political at all, although I fear it may become so…)


The only bit I disagree with is the equivalence of the national debt to a credit card balance. I think that may be a gross over-simplification but I get the point they’re trying to make. All nations have debt. It would be more informative to break it down a little further and show who we owe and why.


well that wouldn’t be as twitter friendly, haha… but I do see your point.



Wow, that’s absolutely AWESOME! Mind if I share on FB and Twitter, with cred to you and this site?


@RetirementManifesto of course! anything I put here publicly is free to be shared anytime :slight_smile: glad you like!