How to Make Money on Podcasts?


Thinking of starting a podcast. I’ve been told I have a great face for radio, so why not? But I don’t really want to sink a load of time into it if there’s no way to benefit financially. So what’s the best way you’ve found to make money on your own podcast?


Sorry! Might someone will help you. I don’t have better idea bout this.


I don’t have any personal experience running a podcast, but I’ve been a big fan of the medium since it reached critical mass. These days, most of the podcasts I listen to make money with advertising inserted into the feed, often read by the hosts.

For those who listen to a lot of podcasts, there are a few usual suspects who tend to appear across a wide variety of subjects. I’m looking at Mailchimp and Squarespace :wink:

I’m sure there are other ways to monetise podcasts as well. Bigger operations, such as Gimlet Media, have ventured into producing entire podcasts series as a way of branding and content marketing. While we’re on the subject of Gimlet, I would highly recommend listening to the first season of their inaugural podcast StartUp. It’s not only a marker for the medium, it chronicles the process of starting a podcasting company!


thanks for your guidance. I am much glad to know about Podcasts. Hope I can earn from next time. :slight_smile:


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Honestly, I’d question if you really want to start a podcast. A lot of the big names in the PF podcast world do it because they really, truly love doing it, and the income is just a positive side effect.


Well, my wife and I were already thinking of creating one, and I thought there might be an opportunity for us to make a little bit of money on a project we were already contemplating. I think, though, that project has been officially moved to “back burner” status. There’s a lot going on at home these days.


I’d love to hear a podcast from some of the crew on here. I always find money to be a fascinating topic (I listen to planet money and Freakonomics Radio) and if people could find an informative podcast yet still slightly humorous, I think you’d go far.


Three that I listen to regularly:

The White Coat Investor
Stacking Benjamins


A favorite podcast of mine (True Crime Garage) does advertising, but they are also directly funded by their fans. I think they actually do it in a really cool way. Basically, people give them “beer money” and get to have their names in the podcast (if they want). Then they talk about whatever beer they’re drinking for a hot second. I’m not a beer drinker, so that doesn’t interest me, but I like the interactive, grateful nature of it.

But most podcasters seem to do advertising. I have seen some do merch and live shows too (My Favorite Murder).


I started a podcast ( about 6 months ago and I absolutely love it. Have I made a ton of money doing it, no. I’m working on building a following and “finding my voice” at the moment.

I’ve had the opportunity to interview millionaire entrepreneurs, early retirees and Vanguard executives. It’s been a blast.

The podcast also helps me stay on task for my financial goals.


That’s pretty awesome. Conversations tend to be more interesting after a beer or maybe two (and tend to go rapidly downhill after that).



Budgets and Brews podcast. Who’s with me?!


I’m in!


Coming soon. Already interviewed M$M, recording @PoF tomorrow, @michelleschrogardner soon :wink:

Feel free to get notified when it’s live here :slight_smile:


I know I’m late to this discussion, but I wouldn’t start a podcast to make money on it. I’d have something to say that wasn’t being said. Our show took FOREVER to start making money. It does well now, but with so many voices out there it’s important first to have a format and a message that people can’t get from 100 different other shows that have more resources than you.