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"Hola! I’m Jason from the great state of Michigan. I have a passion for personal finance and just started the blog: to share what I’ve learned about personal finance and continue to learn myself. I heard of these forums through Pete McPherson ( and I’m happy to be here!

Looking forward to hearing what everyone is up to.

Carpe Dinero,


Hey, new to the forum…


I’m MrFIREby2023. I just started a new “FIRE” Blog:


Hi, I’m new here. I stumbled across this forum from another personal finance site (though I can’t remember which one). I’m passionate about personal finance and retiring early and I currently work in the mortgage industry. What a great community here! :).


Hey, everyone! Glad to be here. I’m Moose from and I’ve regularly checked RSF for over a year now but somehow missed that there was a forum. I was an Army Captain and investment banker/investment analyst so I have a background in finance, but the FIRE movement was a revelation to me.

I’m actively growing my blog and really enjoy meeting others from the FIRE community.

Have a good one!


Hi I’m Kristen and I am currently a finance student and I have a personal passion for investing doesn’t matter what in. I am looking to share what I have experienced in investing to so far and to learn a lot more.


Hi everyone! Really excited to be here Iv seen so many badges from all the PF blogs iv been binging on this last week I only just realised its an actual forum! Im so excited to be here iv always loved PF but just realised there are people who BLOG about it and their adventures! Im in heaven! Also im way deep down the PF blog rabbit hole- send chocolate!
Im from Australia I hope thats ok? My blog is zerotofire


awesome to see another aussie on here iv just started blogging my fire journey- bit of a dogs breakfast but im getting there! i’ll check you out


I am a blogger from the Bay Area. Background Accounting and Finance. My blog is


Hi Everyone!

My name is Mia, and I am really excited to be a part of a community that is all about budgeting and personal finance.

I live in the Bay Area, and many of my friends have a small interest in personal finance but none that I know of who are striving for financial independence. My goal is to be able to have enough financial means to do the things I love full-time, buy property in Hawaii with my boyfriend and cat, Kona, and live the island life.

I am an Office Coordinator and I finally have a job that I love doing because of my co-workers and my management team. I get to write blogs in my spare time (, and hope to move up in the company to make more income and save even more. I am currently maxing out both my IRA and 403b, and hope to reach my goal of $200K in the next 5 years.

It’s awesome to see other’s on the same path :smile: definitely motivating.


Hi Mark!

Where in the Bay Area are you? I am located in Rodeo. Nice to meet you! Going to check out your blog. :slight_smile:


Considering I do not know how to start a topic, this is my maiden voyage on the sight and this is my effort at a short intro as well as my primary topic of the day:

Married 50-year old with 3 boys. Wife is a stay-at-home. One boy in his 30s, the other two in college. Live in the Midwest but grew up in the Carolinas. Want to get back there within the next 5 - 10 years. Semi-retired engineer with zero debt and a fairly tidy nest-egg.

Primary Topic: For those of you who’ve retired early and do not have access to Medicare yet, what have you done to address health insurance? I refuse to go on the ACA but have been looking into sharing ministries as these are considered acceptable replacements. Whole family is healthy and children will only be on our insurance another 3 - 4 years. Also, I have heard there are short-term replacement insurance plans being created as a bridge between trashing ACA completely and coming up with a viable alternative.

For those of you who are in the same boat, any info you can provide would be of great assistance.


Hey everyone, I am Darron from the great state of Utah. I heard about this forum through the Wealth Hound. I am excited to be here, and specifically to connect with like-minded individuals.

I recently started a blog at where I talk about how our mindsets affect our money progress. I look forward to learning more about and sharing some of those mindsets here.



Hi everyone! I have been blogging for 5 years now and I had no idea these forums even existed! Anyway I blog at, a personal finance blog that focuses on investing and our personal finance journey. My wife and I started blogging as a side hustle and now it is our full-time income!
We also run a blog dedicated to stocktrading, The goal of this site is to introduce people to the world of stock trading and help them get started.

I am excited to join this community!
Russell - Florida


Hi everyone,

I am Bayo. I have been blogging for some time - a whole 3 months. However, do not despise little beginnings as I have learned a lot in those short period of time. My blog is . Our site niche is all over the place now but everything personal finance related. In my mind, i care more about budgeting and investing. My wife contribute budgeting tips here and there which helps give the perspective from the frugal doctor’s wife lens.

I am glad to find like minded people here. I only wish I was here sooner.


Hello, my name is Yuliya, I am very excited to join to this forum!
I am a financial professional, I help regular individuals and families create a sound financial strategy without cutting their budget. Instead, I am detecting money you don’t know you have overpaying taxes and bills, reallocating part of them to your future and improving your today’s lifestyle at the same time. I am helping you to get out of debt, grow safety fund, protect a family, secure retirement and achieve your dreams.

We created Wallio to help you fully automate budget, calculate financial score, establish financial roadmap and help you stop worrying about money. Through Wallio you have access to a countrywide network of licensed financial professionals local to you who can meet you personally if needed, explain financial concepts, and help you achieve your financial goals.

My mission is to help you stop stressing about money and live a better, fuller life.


Hi Troy here. I am new and look forward to collaborate with everyone here.


My name is Vir. I have learned astrology and numerology and also provide daily, weekly and monthly horoscope. I would love to make more friends.


Hi I’m Jon from Dyer News. We’ve been publishing personal finance and small business/side hustle focused content for a few years. Looking forward to meeting like minded people on the forum. Cheers!