How To Introduce Yourself


New here? Come say hi! These forums are filled with all kinds of different people, each with their own unique experiences, perspectives, and stories to share. What’s yours?

To get started, just create a new topic to tell us about yourself. Be as creative (or not) as you want, and then feel free to comment on anyone’s intro topic to say hi and connect :slight_smile:

Here’s a template you can use if you’re feeling lazy:

_"Hey guys! I’m ________ from the great state of ______. I heard of these forums through ____ and I’m really _________ to be here! Also - I love ________."

Feel free to add up a pic of your beautiful self too!

Hey - I'm J. Money!
Welcome to the Community!

Hey! I’m Natasha (with Hands for Good) and excited about this blogging forum. I’m a therapist but also enjoy helping people eliminate debt. I love traveling, reading and sipping hot tea.


Hey @handsforgood7! glad to see you here!

Feel free to create a new topic to introduce yourself too so the rest can all say hi to you :slight_smile: Not many see this strand here…


"Hey guys! I’m G Ruga from Maryland. Unlike most folks we aren’t focused on FIRE but instead on paying for school for the little guy. Same methods but different purpose. I heard of these forums through Miss Mazuma ( - what a great site and community. Love it.


Woops. PBUAK (Problem Between User And Keyboard). Posted to the correct place now.


Welcome Welcome…I say to myself. Thanks for setting this up. I am a Dad and Cardiologist in California and started a recent blog called Dads, Dollars, and Debts. I was referred to this forum both through twitter and Physician on Fire. I love reading about financial planning and trying to find financial freedom and that is why I am here.

  • EJ at Dads, Dollars, and Debts.


Welcome to the forum, Triple D!


"Hey guys! I’m Peter from the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Australia. I heard of these forums through The Legand $J Money (cheers brother) and I’m really looking forward to connecting with Australians and FIRE :fire: Seekers throughout the globe! Also - I love Reggae, Diving, Skiing and Travel."


Hello everyone…I’m Michael from the Garden State, otherwise known as the genesis of Bridge Gate! I am thrilled to become an active part of this group. I am a planner, writer, speaker and blogger and find the greatest joy helping people. Besides devoting a lot of time and energy to my clients, colleagues and my writing, I have a 6 month old granddaughter who has captured me in full. I am surrounded by blessings! you can find my blogs at or on or psychologytoday. Happy to help, share and learn. Cheers!


I’m Sherry from Moore County, NC. I found this site via JMoney website. Am interested in saving money, helping animals, and making the world better.


Hi everyone!
My name is Jan and I started my journey a few months ago to financial independence.
I’m new to rockstar finance. Looking forward to learn and meet members in the community.

Nice to meet you!


Hello all! I’m Mr. Budgets and Beer. Just found this website/forum recently and love all the good info and blogs floating around here. Great to find a place with like minded people. I’m an amatuer blogger who just wants to express my ideas and have fun while I do it. Almost therapy I guess. Hoping you all enjoy my blog and drink a good beer while you read it! Cheers! Budgets and


Hey Everyone,

I’ve been silently following Jmoney for many years now, and just really inspired how people in this community want to be involved in helping make this world a better place. Decided to sign up to the forum so I can join in the $20 give away monthly challenge. At a minimum, I hope this gets me interact my with my new community on a whole different way.


Hi friends,
I am Hazel. I am a new member t o this family. I am from Canada. I love traveling.


Good evening,
I am me and I am in Canada west coast. Found this site while surfing, as I think being frugal is fun and creative. And good for your sleep and peace of mind.


Hey guys! I’m RVP from the great state of PA. I heard of these forums through PhysicianOnFire and I’m really pumped to be here! I work in the financial advisory industry and have gotten jaded with business as usual so the blog is a way I can say what needs to be said. I can honestly say I practice what I preach on the site, but there are a variety of reason to stay anonymous. I’m passionate about helping people make good financial decisions and encourage them to keep things simple. My blog is and am just getting started. In fact, I am working on getting the blog all figured out (changing font sizes and getting an email list started are the jobs for the day). Adding pictures is on the list too. I’m really excited to start getting information out there and have heard the blogger community on Rockstar is fantastic. Cheers to all!


I’m from Sao Paulo Brazil and want to know better how to invest and grow my money, the informations in my country are confusing about it so I was looking for some foruns for real people talking about your own experiences and no some ‘‘finance gurus’’ that just want to me order some new guide from him, you guys here looks have way more cost-benefits than other places I visit there in Brazil, lets learn!


Hi … Im RS from California… I am a dentist by profession… Really inspired and FIREed up about the financial independence … Im here to watch and learn from everyone …Thank u


Hi, I’m Rachael from Ontario, Canada. I just sold my house ( I’m 45 years old) and have decided to rent for awhile. I’m single and found myself paying for a place that was just too big for me. It almost left me house poor. I sold, paid off all of my debts, and came away with about $200,000 in equity. My plan is to purchase something smaller, and more affordable down the road. My friends all say I was crazy to see because renting is 'throwing away money. It’s hard to be confident about my decision with people telling me I should never have sold. I hope it was the right decision in the long run. One thing is for sure, I’m sleeping well at night knowing I do not owe any money or have any debts.

I’m really happy to have found this site.


Wow nice!