How to find home equity mortgage in Alberta?


Hi everyone,

I am from Calgary in Alberta. I am running a restaurant nearby Riley Park. I have started the venture two years back. I have a plan to take up a mortgage for renovating the restaurant. But, I have never taken any mortgage till now. I am totally unaware of the regulations and procedures.

I own a house in the city. My cousin took a home equity loan from a nearby bank. I am looking for a much better option with flexible contract terms and comfortable tenure. I think it is better to approach a mortgage broker instead of directly going to a lender. I searched a lot on the internet to find a few mortgage brokers providing home equity loan in Alberta. Guys, help me find the right one. Hope you would share your opinions and suggestions soon. Thank you all in advance!


You may want to check with a few good real estate agents in the area. Usually, they’re a good source of information when it comes to referrals. Good luck!