How to find affordable mortgage rates in ontario?


Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum. My name is Malisa Russell. I was living in Edmonton for the past fifteen years with my husband. I lost him in a major car accident. I was totally devastated. I didn’t know how to proceed with my life or what to do then. I think I am almost recovered now. I don’t want to be a burden for my parents. I have decided to move to Hamilton where I spent my childhood days. I am planning to apply for a mortgage to buy a new home in Hamilton.

It has become tougher to get a loan these days compared with the past. Financial institutions have tightened their credit standards dramatically during the credit crunch. The acceptance rate of mortgage applications has decreased drastically. I find it comfortable to approach a mortgage broker for better rates. I had a research and found a few mortgage brokers offering affordable interest rates in Ontario. So friends, please share your suggestions and opinions regarding this. Thank you all!


First , sorry for your loss and good to hear you are getting to a better place.
If I may, if you are just considering moving there might you consider first renting to ensure such a major move is the right choice and fit for you before sinking your funds into a property?



Sorry to hear about your loss. It’s not easy to lose a spouse/best friend.

For the mortgage rates, we use rate comparisons sites such as It will give you an idea on what what kind rate you should be shooting for.

And then contact 2-3 brokers and go with the one who gets you the best deal. Don’t go to banks directly, they will crook you as usual.


I cannot offer an informed opinion about mortgages in Canada.

I wanted to respond about losing your husband, though. To say it’s tragic to lose a spouse is an understatement. I lost my first spouse to kidney failure. If ever you desire to chat privately about your loss, I would be happy to listen.


Thank you Stasher for your concern. If I focus on renting one, it would become more difficult to own a space in future.


Thank you for the feedback. Got an idea regarding the rates. It won’t be fine to approach lenders directly.


Thank you for the reply. Now, I have recovered and started a new phase of my life.