How to earn money online?


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Hope everyone is doing great so far! I have a simple question to all. I hope everyone know about this and will give better solution. How do you earn money online?

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My fiancee created a small online business. She designs products and has them fabricated in factories in China, then sells them online across the world. Each item costs about $2 to fabricate and ship to the USA. Each item sells for about $10-$13 retail.

In her first 3 months, she made about $200 a month. She then doubled her product offering and made a solid $700 but then her average went back down to about $300 a month. She released 2 more products and made another $3,000 and then her monthly average hovered around $400-$500 a month. She released 4 more products and made about $6,000 and now her monthly average is between $500-750 a month.

I would personally like her to quit her job and do this online thing full time. With a little love, I think she could make about $10,000 during each product release (4-6 per year if aggressive), and average about $2,000 during the off-months. But her mom doesn’t want her doing this, so she primarily works her day job and has kept her online store as a side hustle.


Any chance you guys can convince her mom to get on board with the idea? Sounds like your fiancee could really make something of it!


How much time a week does she spend on the side business?


Here’s how the @WhiteCoatInvestor does it:

I earn money in the same ways, but at a clip < 10% of the good doctor.

Here’s the latest income report from @michelleschrogardner

Note: These incomes are atypical and are the result of lots of hard work and savvy marketing.



I dont. At least not yet. Not sure when my blog will have enough traffic to earn some cash, but for now it is not really being monetized.


I have $25,000 in my account on You earn STEEM coins by posting your own posts and also by upvoting posts by other people.

You can sell that cryptocurrency on any of the markets that trade it and receive cash. The amounts that some people earn per day are incredible.

I made a post on my blog in which I told my journey on Steemit so far.

It is the most revolutionary thing on the internet that I can think of.


@Financial_Muse Not sure. It’s weird because both of her parents always ran their own businesses. Owning property, running liquor stores and parking garages, etc. Her parents divorced, and her mom was left without a job and “official” skills even though she helped run businesses. If it wasn’t for an inheritance from her father, my fiancee’s mom would be in trouble. The biggest thing for me is health insurance, and she would be covered under my current employer’s plan for about $500 month between the two of us – pretty cheap.

@sidehustle4life It depends to be honest. It takes her about 12 - 40 hours to create a single design. She won’t submit an order with less than 4 total new designs. It takes about 1 hour a day to run social media, although she does much better with 2-3 hours. Packing orders does not take more than 1 hour per day on average, but peaks around 3 during big releases (~50-100 orders per day).

If she were to quit and do this full time, she would spend about 12 hours per day working (but she really enjoys it). She would do a big release every other month and earn between $4,000 - $8,000. On the off months, she would be closer to $1,000 - $2,000. She would make way more money than at her current 9-5 and like it more, but parents are getting in the way.


Well, everyone can make some money with paid surveys. Most of them have bad reputation. In fact there are some of them that actually pay. Here are some great lists of paid surveys, I can recommend.

Don’t expect to become rich … You can make about $400/month with them.

Hope that helps.


What types of product does she make?

How did she find a factory in China to manufacture?

What types of upfront costs were there to get going?

I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, but I’m not sure where to start with the manufacturing from China. I’d like to direct ship from a factory to customers if possible.


Not sure I want to give out all of her product details just yet. But they are small artistic “trinkets” designed in Adobe Illustrator (which she learned to start her business).

At first, she worked with a US intermediary. She submitted her designs with colors to the company and worked with them to make sure the design could be fabricated. Then the US company submitted designs to the lowest bidder and sent her the first round of product. The defect rate was pretty high 30%+ but she ended up selling all the products in about 3 months. Then she decided to search for manufacturers on Alibaba. She went through 3 different manufacturers until she found the one she currently uses.

She was able to order 200 units (100 each of 2 items) from the US-based company for about $375. Packing envelopes, business cards, boxes and other packaging materials cost another $200 or so. $575 sounds about right for her initial investment. She also opted to use Shopify instead of Etsy (in the beginning, now she uses both). Shopify is $30 per month and a superior e-commerce platform.

With her current manufacturer, the quality is much better (<5% defect rate, and quality of items are at least 2x-3x better than her first round). She ends up paying about $100 per mold, and then about $0.75-$1.25 per unit so costs have gone down. FedEx 2-3 day shipping from China to USA ends up being about $100 for 600-800 units. Each item sells for between $8-$13. Free shipping if a customer spends a certain amount of money.

The best way to simplify packing boxes and shipping is to sell on Amazon. Yes, they’ll take a cut. But what you do is pre-package all of your items and send them to Amazon, they handle their Prime Shipping. It is easier than packing 100+ orders on release night, but it does cost more money.

I would definitely go with your idea if it costs less than $1,000 to get started. We’ve put in about… $3,500 total and the total revenue is greater than $10,000 at this point, and increasing with each product release.


I used to sell cycling items (tires etc. from the UK)on Ebay for pretty good profits. I stopped selling on Ebay entirely due to scam buyers.

Whenever I have any time to kill I will do surveys on and These 2 are legit. Just don’t expect to get rich off of these. Most people will probably think the extra money made is not worth their time as there are more lucrative side hustles. I still use them and do a few surveys a day whenever I have a few minutes to kill.


Here’s 23+ proven online jobs that you can start making money right away. It’s always important to start with 2-3 jobs that you can become VERY good at and then scale from there.

I can’t stress the impact of doing freelancer work. It is very easy to get started and to start earning money right away.


Millionare Mob has a great list. While its certainly possible to make money doing lots of different things online, its important to remember its generally not easy. Just like offline, how much success you will have depends on how hard you are willing to work. Good luck!!!

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I’ve got a couple of affiliate websites that review products and link to Amazon. When someone cliks on a link and buys something on Amazon, I get about a 5% commission. Right now I make about $1,000 per month with those websites.

I also have products I import from China and sell on Amazon. This is a little more involved to get up and running but once it’s going, it requires almost no work. I have a couple of products that I sell and that’s about $10k per month in sales and $2k per month in profit.

If you’re new to making money online, I’d suggest avoiding surveys and anything marketed as “make money at home”. Look for something that can earn money even when you’re not directly working on it, like starting your own website.


I teach online,so that’s my main online income. As the blog grows it will bring something in I’m sure, but it’s in its infancy.
I recently wrote about a couple options to teach online with or without a degree, the “with” is linked to this post as well so depending on your background you may find value in one or both.


Hey, there are hundreds of survey sites like that allow individuals to take surveys as they want to in their free time. Also Freelance writing is one of the most popular ways that many individuals are using to work from home. And gambling by btc casino is a fun way to earn a few extra bucks, but it’s to risky as for me. And at least mystery shopping is offered by some of the biggest corporations around the world in order to guarantee that their stores and employees are performing well.


Sorry for my late reply here. There have some good ways to earn money online. I have seen many guys are investing their money in different projects like- CPA, Affiliate Marketing, ICOs, Cryptocurrency, Blogging, Freelancing and many more. You might also get some idea here:

Hope that help you to increase your earning capability.