How much do you value your time?


Inspired by how easily we can distracted these days, I wrote this about what we are doing to jeopardize our relationship with earnings? If you agree with what I have to say, could you now share your top productivity tip with me?


The best book I’ve read that helped me set up files, get better organized, improve the efficiency of my “to do” list, etc. was “Getting Things Done.” It contains lots of great tips for maximizing one’s productivity. I read the book more than 10 years ago, and I still use many of the simple activities and techniques that the writer suggested.


I value my time depending on the season. As a teacher and coach I value my free time more during a season coaching and teaching. Right now in the summer, I got so much time I have to use my time, to think of ways to use my time. I also, use an expo marker on my bathroom mirror to keep a list during busy times, so I can keep up with what needs to get done personally. I also use the stickies apps on my laptop for reminders or google calendar or evernote, and post it notes on my two desks at work. One desk for class work and one desk for coaching work. I wear many hats at once, so separating my work helps me use my time more efficiently. I can’t put a dollar amount on my time though. But I will sell you a year of my life for $1 million dollars! Ok maybe more.


Oh, absolutely love that book.


This is interesting. I like how you mentioned that there is a seasonality aspect to your valuing time. And you have some cool systems in place - expo marker in bathroom, stickies app and reminders! Good stuff.


Great post! Thanks for going into detail. I connect with the part about wanting to say “yes” to people.

I define productivity as efforts that move you forward toward your primary goals (too many goals reduces productivity). Being busy with useless activities is not productive. It’s been an ongoing process for me to be mindful of my activities and ask myself “Why am I doing this?” and “Is doing this going to gain me the most ground?”

Networking is a great example. When I see notifications for “Women Who Code” events, I think, oh cool, I might meet someone awesome there. But when I think about it, I can get much further toward my goals by spending two hours making a fun little website.


Nicki - you are a girl after my own heart…did you say “Women Who Code”? Kid you not, because of all the amazing plans I have for myself, I am also learning coding. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your insight, and for stopping by!!