How I used to be



This one doesn’t have any category at all? Like, not even “Uncategorized?”


i thought it would default to it - guess not?

where’s the moderator at? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought it would, too. If it doesn’t default to “Uncategorized,” is there any way for anyone to ever see it again once it gets pushed down in the list? Something to check on.


I think my main problem was that question was never asked. Or at least the credit card was already swiped by the time I didn’t ponder that question…


What made you stop to consider stuff? Did you have an epiphany, or just woke up one day and started caring?

What was your $$$ Epiphany?

Sounds like a great topic for a blog post :wink:

Long story short. My son was born, I started asking myself if we were doing things right, did math, thought we were epically screwed, started reading any PF blog I could find, completely changed how we treated money…
Then 6 months later we got our taxes done and realized we had messed up our w2 elections (giant tax return). We weren’t epically screwed we had just been very stupid with how we treated money.

We maintained the lessons from those 6 months and are all the better for doing so.


Oh wow - good for you man!!

And now you chill in $$$ forums for fun - what a turn around :slight_smile:


Haha…yeah… this is the first forum I’ve ever joined