How Has Cryptocurrencies Performed in 2017?


How do you think the whole world of Crypto has performed in 2017? If you gained 10-20% in your own portfolio of stocks and other investments then you would be very happy. I can tell you that Crypto has outperformed everything last year. The amount of growth is truly astonishing.

I wrote two articles to see how an “index fund” style investment performed in crypto. There were a few scenarios that I took a look at. Investing $10 into the top 100 coins for a total investment of $1000, also $50 into the top 20 coins and so on.

$10 into 100 Coins.
$50 into 20 Coins and more options.

The growth is truly amazing, let me know what you think of these gains. Are they sustainable? I think not.


Honestly, depends on your long term investment strategy.

Do I think crypto will return greater than 20% in the next year- most likely. However it could just as easy go the other way (my crypto holding is down 18% today).

Do I think it will always give returns this high- probably not, however as adoption increases the price will continue to climb until such point adoption manifested.

I do not believe that crypto is seen as a “currency” as of yet but rather a speculative bubble.

Investors need to be willing to lose everything investing in something that is not backed by any organization such as FDIC. However, it comes down to no risk = no reward.

You need to determine your risk appetite and be sure to diversify your investments, or simply put, not put all your eggs in a single basket.

I think that once it is widely adopted it will then take the form of a currency, but for now I would not be surprised if crypto becomes the new “gold” standard.

I think the argument for 2018 is not whether crypto will continue to go up, the question is what coin will do the best.


Crypto certainly has had a major drop so far this year - but then again, it’s only been two week!

I think the argument for 2018 is not whether crypto will continue to go up, the question is what coin will do the best.

This is why one of my 2018 goals is to diversify my coin holdings. Of course, that means the one coin I don’t buy will be the one that “hits the moon” so to speak.


Yesterday it was under 10k$ and today is overcome 11k… As for me, to risky trend to invest REAL money. It reminds me gambling and I dont think that in 2018 BTC will cost more than 15-20k$…


If you look historically this type of drop off is not uncommon in January. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen that mentioned elsewhere, which is encouraging. My thought on that is that there isn’t much bitcoin history yet, especially compared to more traditional investments.


You could not say anything about the crypto in 2017 or not now in 2019 as always cryptocurrency news changed time to time where peoples are still investing for the future through thinking it may change there lifes.