How excited are you for this forum? :)


This forum is going to single handedly destroy my productivity at work. One can only hope that my Toddler remains regularly fed and bathed.


Best compliment one could hope to receive! :wink:


This forum came to my life at the perfect time. I was in need of a community of like minded folks, and this fits perfectly because I was a part of it from the beginning :grin: as opposed to walking into a party that started hours ago and not knowing anyone.


@J.Money I’m absolutely loving this forum, and I’m still not as active as many on here. It’s already replaced Twitter as the first place I go to read through comments and connect. I have to remind myself, oh right, gotta hit up Twitter! : )


@dartheexplorer so glad to hear!

@MysteryMoneyMan that’s the ultimate compliment right there :slight_smile: really glad I finally pulled the trigger on this - been on my mind for years!


I am actually worried to never ever get anything done ever again…
I already read a ton, before I even joined…can’t even fathom how this is going to work out, now that I am signed up…BUT.I.JUST.HAD.TO


haha… you’re right to be worried - we have a lot of fun here :wink:


Be afraid @TheFrugalHumanist. Be very afraid.


shivering with fear :fearful:


This seems like an extremely cool place to hang out. I’m not a very excitable person - actuary at heart! - but if I can invest some time in this I think I am gonna like it. :smiley:


I want it to really take off so our wee corner of the internet known as the RSFFs will be the hip, new place that cool cats hangout.

…AAAAAAAND I’ll just show myself out over that non-cool comment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


y’all are too much, haha…