How excited are you for this forum? :)


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How excited are you for this?

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I am reasonably excited.


Being here is like witnessing a great moment in history.

Humankind will look back upon this forum with great wonder at it’s impact on society.

Maybe I should say smart things from now on. I think people are actually going to read this stuff!!


I’m totally flippin’ over this forum. Excited. Honored. All that good stuff.

– Steve


My excitement level has now been notched up to “cautiously optimistic.”


@DerekOlsen that pic is epic, haha…


So excited. It’s like the Holiday Season is here, but waaay early. Like seeing Christmas decorations before Hallowe’en. :gift: :jack_o_lantern:


I think the interesting part for me will to be learning the ropes of this new format and then finding out where the flow and connection develops for regulars and which category that will be.


You and me both - I’ve never ran a forum before!


Looking forward to connecting with other PF bloggers somewhere other than In The Comments will be great here. I recognize most of the initial forum participants, which is excellent.

The other forums I frequent are MMM, Bogleheads, and White Coat Investor. I have toyed with the idea of starting one on my site, but it only works if you’ve got sufficient traffic to keep it lively. I’m not sure I’ve got that, and with now four forums to follow, I’m sure I need one of my own to occupy my time. I’ll put mine on the back burner, and do my best to be a regular around here.



That was my major hang up as well. Forums can be phenomenally awesome, but only if they are well traffick’ed. Like you, I wasn’t confident enough to start my own. I’ve started more forums than I could possibly count, but they ultimately didn’t work out because of the traffic.


Stop scaring me with them not working out!! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been in one for yearrssss (we used to have one for $$$ bloggers back in the day), but it just made sense to have a place to keep the convos going, especially since Rockstar literally sends everyone AWAY from the site every day - hah.

That’ll be changing too in the future though. Curation will still be the focal point, but we’re gonna start launching original series and doing other fun stuff ON the site too. Should be interesting to see how it pans out.


If you have a devoted readership and have a community that establishes itself and finds a desire to stay connected it will work. I go to the MMM forums every single day because I have a circle of “viral friends” that I try to chat with regularily. The “journal” section is typically the most popular and where I tend to spend all my time.


I’m relatively new to the whole personal finance a.k.a. money community, but already loving all the interaction that is going on. It’s quite unique to have a (rather large) online network of people that connects, learn from and teach each other and are very much supportive towards the goals of everyone.

Already had some thoughts about how it would be nice to see a platform where I would be able to see who is all out there, and boom here it is! :slight_smile:


*Tips hat *


Um…just read your stuff.


@J.Money, your forum is going to blow folks away. I suspect it will be an absolute “Go To” place for financial bloggers. A virtual FinCon, if you will. GREAT example of leveraging your “Rockstar” brand into something new. It’s sure off to an awesome start, I can’t pull myself away from this place! Gotta go, Friday afternoon and I have to get some work done this week (only 2 hours left!)…


Sorry? Maybe… haha.


@RetirementManifesto - Thanks!! I have a REALLY big vision for all this here and just doing my best to get the ball rolling on them and slowly move 'em out the door. This was the first one to build so we can connect it all. The “heart” if you will :slight_smile:


Loving it already, on the fly advice and conversations about topics you care about.