How does one get a cool Icon Thingy?


Howdy, everybody!

I’ve notice that some folks have their photos as their Icon and some have graphics. How does one get a cool Icon Thingy?

My “S” is just not me. First, it’s green, which is not my favorite color, and it’s not even Money Green. Second, the font is definitely not me. I’m not a sans-serif kind of guy.

Anyway, I’m curious. I didn’t see how to change it in my profile, so I thought I’d ask.

Well, all the best from Texas!


Hey Shin! Go to the upper right corner of this page and click your icon. You will see a little settings icon on that drop down. Click that and then hit profile pic. You can upload from there and add all sorts of other stuff to your profile. Hope it helps!


Wasted no time! Nice work! :slight_smile:



You are my hero! Worked like a charm. Thanks!!!