How did you stop being afraid to talk about money?


[This is the story on how and why I stopped being afraid to talk about money.] ( (Click the link)

As financial writers, we talk openly about the powerful, emotional, and sensitive force that is personal finance. It used to make me nervous to write about this force for the reasons in the article.

Were you ever afraid to talk about money? What was the moment you stopped being afraid?


24 essay and I was discussing the subject of my college paper, and I got this exact idea. I’m not that afraid to talk about money but I’m superstitious and when making bets and openning positions I rarely talk within 24 hours about it


yup! blogging about it def. help me open up more and get comfortable too - esp sharing net worth so openly :slight_smile: I have to catch myself doing it in the real world cuz people get all kinds of weirded out haha…


When I was 18 and on my own and came across The Tightwad Gazette when I was barely scraping by. In fact, since then I have always been kind of overzealous and over-sharing about money stuff. It hasn’t always worked out for the best because I drove people a little nuts with my harping. I’ve toned it down now but I have been writing about money and simple living for a ling time (since 1999 on livejournal #nerd). Now I know which friends don’t want to hear it and I don’t talk to them about it. Blogging allows me to get my thoughts down as well & people can choose whether or not they want to read it.

#5 and I have always shared ideas related to finances, money and investments for as long as I can remember. We have never been afraid of talking about money.


I started talking about money a whole lot more when I started getting paid to write about it, as a personal finance journalist then blogger. More than happy to talk for hours helping people sort out their money. However, I only talk publically about specific areas of our own finances. Have never published our net wealth for example, and have only just started mentioning that we are mortgage-free. We’ve been incredibly lucky with the property market, but those soaring prices mean many younger people can’t get a toehold on the housing ladder. Culturally, suspect people in England are even more reluctant to share hard numbers than in the US!


I stopped being afraid to talk about money when I stopped valuing money. Money was always supposed to be our servant. Not our master. At times when my girlfriend goes to get certain procedures done at an aesthetic clinic, I really wished I had money.


Money and finance can be stressful. Just talking about them can act as a stress release and help to take the edge off any concerns your staff are having.


I had some bad experience in my life. I’m a procrastinator, so it’s wasn’t surpising for me when I didn’t meet my deadlines at uni. So, I had to make my papers extremely urgent, but it was impossible to do on my own. I’ve asked for help some writing dissertation services and they helped me. But it’s not so cheap, you know. And that time I’ve lost my job. I had no savings and had no money even to buy a cup of coffee! I changed my mindsets and started to find out more info about ways of budgeting. I talked to people, asked them about their experience. Average person face with such kind of problems time to time. And now I don’t afraid to talk about money.


I wouldn’t say that I was afraid to talk about money, it was rather uncomfortable. It is all about our education and the time we grew up. It all planted into our heads the idea that the money topic is a kind of taboo and we shouldn’t discuss our income and spendings with anybody. I started feeling more open about money discussions when I first got a job in a company that dealt with the loans. It was a great experience.


I openly discussed the financial matters with relevant people. When I wanted investment tips from people, I would talk to them about my budget, savings, investment goals, and the investment assets. In this way, I became more open to talk about money.


i stopped being afraid of talking about money because of my daily interactions with people who are in field of finance and that"s how i stop being afraid to talk about money. Now i have a finance blog too.


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Not talking about money out loud can have sweeping social effects. It can lead to even depression or anxiety and depreciates your performance in the workplace. There’s no point of being intimidated by talking it as talking about money is essential. If personal finance worries you, and you are unsure of where to start, remember that you don’t have to learn everything about money at once.
You can start with one financial lesson at a time. If you have a hard time saving, focus your literacy on emergency funds. You can go through various motivational article and videos that educate you with suggestions, and work out what suits you the best!