How did you celebrate when you paid your last debt off?


(Paying off all debts but mortgage is allowed, paying off EVERYTHING including mortgage is even better.)

So, my wife and I will be debt free in probably 6 months. (we rent, no mortgage… yet! haha)

I was thinking of what we are going to do on the day we send in the last payment.
I’ll probably “ugly-cry-laugh”!!! It will be really embarrassing and awesome.

Then we will probably go out on a date to celebrate. Probably to the Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie. (That is our go-to date night activity.)

What did YOU do to celebrate?
Or, what do you plan on doing to celebrate?



We just paid off our house earlier this year, we’re DEBT FREE! We celebrated every step of the way, then I wrote an article about it. Congrats on your short 6 month horizon, major achievement!


The conversation with my husband went like this:
Me "Hi, it’s me"
Him "Are you alright?"
Me "Just calling to see if you’re feeling any different?"
Him "Err, what?"
Me "Well I just thought you might feel lighter… Like a weight had been lifted."
Him (realising what I was on about): “Nice!!”

It was just before we went on holiday, so that felt like a good way to celebrate :slight_smile:


Ha! We did nothing. Seriously…like, nothing. We finally finished the sale of our last remaining home, and we were like, “Okay, cool” and that was about it. It was completely uneventful, probably because we were planning for it to happen for so long that it became one of those “foregone conclusions” or something. So yeah, we were pretty boring. :slight_smile:


Sadly, we did the same…nothing. The feeling was enough. You could say debt “had us at ‘goodbye’”.


I totally understand this. Interesting.


Fortunately, I just went through this in September. It was definitely a nice burden off the shoulders. But similarly to @Steve, I think because I saw it coming for so long, I didn’t really do anything in terms of going out. BUT, I will say it was really nice to be able to allocate that money into savings and investments going forward, and finally having all of my money working for me, instead of against me.



Although the “non-celebration” surprises me, I can see how that would be the case. Especially for something that you’ve seen coming for so long.

Also, perhaps it’s also because being in debt is a negative thing, so getting out doesn’t have the same celebratory causation. It’s more like, “well, that sucked, glad it’s over, let’s get on with it.”

Anyway, my wife and I should be debt free in 6 months. I CAN NOT wait to start putting that $900-ish/mo to much, much better use.



I finished paying off 35K in debt just before my 40th birthday. I remember having a big smile and doing the happy dance and later got a small Snoopy tattoo (also doing the happy dance) on my ankle.


We ended up taking 4 trips within the next year to celebrate our extra cash flow!

It is an awesome feeling to know that we are done with debt other than our home mortgage.

I can’t remember the exact places we went, but I know that we had it planned that it was going to be a vacation year for us since we had worked and sacrificed so hard!


We were on holiday when we were able to pay all the debts off (house sale); I had a giant cocktail to celebrate (included in our deal).

The final payment we made was to my parents, we took them out to dinner to say thanks and made the transfer from the restaurant and then toasted it. It was a great moment.


lol. Me like!


This will hopefully be us. Because of the amount of our debt, it’s going to be a while before it’s paid off. We’re planning a celebration cruise before we start saving for a home, kind of a last-hurrah, “okay, our stupid years are OFFICIALLY behind us, now we have to be responsible adults” kind of thing.


YES! This is what I’m talking about.
Don’t know what’s up with all those people commenting that they did NOTHING to celebrate! Weirdos! :wink:


Celebrated with financing a new Tesla P100D.

Just kidding… did nothing! But I did celebrate crossing over the first six figures in my investment portfolio with some pizza! :grin:


Nada zilch.

When I sold my condo last summer, I paid off the measly remainder of my auto loan, invested the rest, and went back to work the next day. I know it sounds boring.


PARTY ANIMAL!!! :pizza:


Come on people!!! :joy:


I hated my debt, so we all celebrated by dancing with the kids when we sent out the last mortgage payment. I was inclined, but chose not to scream, “WE"RE DEBT FREEEEEE!” Sorry, I used to be a Dave Ramsey fan.


I feel like there’s a story there…