Home haircuts


Hello all,

My wife is looking into starting to cut my boy’s hair at home instead of going to the salon.

Anyone currently doing that? If so what resources would you recommend to get started?

Thank you!


We do all the males in our household crew cut style. A good pair of clippers should do it. Pay special attention to around the ears and back of neck. Use no attachments around there and a attachment to desired length for the rest.


I shave my head, have not paid for a haircut since 1991.

But the Flowbee, although a ridiculous name, might work giving boys haircuts at home. You can still find them on line.


Ron Paxton: As you can see, it sucks as it cuts.
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Yup, I just use a standard barber’s trimmer set and shave my head down pretty close to completely bald. It’s SO much easier to manage that way, cheaper and I find it just looks better.


We’ve got a set of Wahl clippers and I buzz cut the boys’ hair and my own.

I’ve also started cutting my wife’s hair a couple times a year. I was not excited about the idea, but she talked me into it. It’s actually surprisingly easy. With wet hair, she combs it out, and I take off 2 - 3 inches all around.


In family, my mom was cutting the hair of the three boys. After I left, I started cutting my hair mysel and now my wife is cutting them. It is really easy to do.


My roommate and I in graduate school did this. I found it as a great way to save money ($25 saved every 4-6 weeks) but will admit to it not being my best look. We used Wahl clippers and a sideburn trimmer to shave the hair on the back of the neck.


My husband started cutting his own hair! He bought a nice set of clippers and a cape then watched youtube videos. I clean up the back of his neck every few since he cannot get that part himself. His hair grows really fast so he cuts it every 2 weeks. If he can do it himself, I’m sure your wife can do it for your son. It saves both time and money!


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