Hi Y'all! I'm A Purple Life


Haha - my college color was purple too actually. It was always fun to show up to a game with purple hair. People would assume I was just THAT devoted. Nope - I just like it :slight_smile:


Thank you! And you can totally pull it off! If you want to dive in I’m happy to provide tips :slight_smile: . I’ve been dying my hair for about 10 years.


Oh I’m late, HELLO!!! :slight_smile: How did you cut spending by 40% and is it easier to save money in Seattle? (I think so hahaha)


Welcome purple hair nice


Hi Fellow Seattleite! A lot of that 40% just came from how ridiculous Manhattan rent is. Getting away from that easily cut most of my spending. I pay 1/2 as much in Seattle for 2x the space. It’s madness and I love it here. The rest of the savings didn’t matter as much, but I changed cell phone providers (go Republic Wireless!), started actually cooking and now walk to work instead of paying for taxis or a monthly metro pass like I did in NYC. It’s definitely a lot easier to save in Seattle! I’m glad you agree :slight_smile:


@APurpleLife I love your blog. Your goals are similar to mine and we are similarly aged. I am going to pay a lot of attention to your blog! Honestly I almost stole your blog theme but decided against it haha!!


I read that his comment now and realized wow! My blog wasn’t even born at that time :blush: I enjoy your blog a lot. Great stuff!


Haha - so glad you’re enjoying it!!


Welcome! Have checked out your blog a few times. What took you so long to join us…ha ha…enjoy.


That’s awesome!! And I didn’t consider myself a blogger until I went public - hence the delay. Happy to be here now though!