Hi Y'all! I'm A Purple Life


Hi! I just joined the forum and am super pumped. I love the idea of introducing yourself by way of fun facts so here are a few about me:

  1. My preferred hair color is purple
  2. I’m striving to FIRE in 2 years at 30 years old
  3. My partner and I moved from Manhattan to Seattle 3 years ago and as a result I cut my spending 40%
  4. I’ve taken classes on a traveling ship for 3 months and at the oldest university in the western world for 6
  5. I started blogging privately 3.5 years ago. I pushed my site live 2 weeks ago and am excited and terrified to see what happens

I’m thrilled to be here and meet everyone! Hope you’re having a great day.


3.5 years worth of material - wow! Welcome!


Welcome! I think I’ve followed you on my site and on our Women Who Money site! Looking forward to reading!


Welcome! Love your cover photo on your page.


Oh thank you! I use it to imagine what post-retirement might be like in Provence. It brings me calm


It’s a pleasure to meet you! I used to be a fellow bright-haired gal, but alas, I had to let that go when we hit nomad status. I look forward to following your journey toward 30 and retirement!


Welcome to the RockStar community!


You too! And I was just thinking about that the other day (if I’d try to keep dying my hair on the road). I guess there’s one vote in the no column :slight_smile:


Recognized that purple from my site’s comments. Welcome!


If you’re a DIYer, you might be able to keep dying it without issue. I know quite a few women that do. I, on the other hand, relied on my amazing colorist and didn’t want to deal with finding a new one every time I needed color. She did set me up with stuff to keep it going for awhile and will send me more if I need it, but I haven’t kept up very well.


Haha - yes indeed. And thank you!


I am a DIYer for bleach and color. Hmm - moving that vote back to the yes column! And that’s awesome you found an amazing colorist. The only professional I’ve ever used was in NH (I’m in WA) so it was logistically…difficult :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, you’ll be fine doing it on the road, then!

If you ever end up in Ann Arbor, MI area, look up Angel Vanas, she’s a goddess of a colorist. A friend of mine has an amazing one in Kansas City, too. I might try to make an appointment before we leave the area, we’ll see.

I’m honestly a bit jealous of you, I’ve never had the patience to do it myself!


I’ve saved her studio to my maps for if I’m in the area. Thank you for the reco! And no need to be jealous - I just went wild watching all the YouTube videos I could and then tried it out. It’s just hair - it grows back right lol? I watch a movie while doing it and the time flies by! It’s also fun to do with a friend.


Welcome! Enjoy!


Welcome, Purple Life! Love that hair. It is striking!

What is really striking is how you managed to go from one HCOL area to another and cut 40%. WAY TO GO!

Guessing you studied in Bolonga Italy? Looking forward to following your journey. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Bleaching and dying my hair has become a fun hobby. As for the 40%, getting away from Manhattan housing prices did most of the legwork :slight_smile: , but thank you! As for Italy: Impressive detective work. Indeed I did. I love Bologna. I’m looking forward to following your journey as well!


Hello and good luck on FIRE!


I was thinking you might be a Prince fan or a Vikings fan, but it looks like you flew right over MN as you moved from the right to left coasts. We’re a lot of purple here in flyover country!



Welcome @APurpleLife ! Loving the purple hair. I wish I was as brave to sport bright colours like that.