Hi! We are Need2Save


Holy cow. So many awesome folks to check out…so little time. Mr. Need2Save and I better get busy!

Super excited about the new forum. It’s awesome, J.Money!

Mrs. N2S


Welcome to the craziness, @Mrs_Need2save! :wink:


Welcome @Mrs_Need2save. Haven’t checked out your blog before but will definitely add it to my list of ones to check out!


Welcome @Mrs_Need2save! Amazing forum, you and the Mr will soon be addicted. Crack’s got nothing on this place!


Hi! :grin:


Welcome to the forums! Lots to read here, and talk about.


Why Thank You. See you around.


Thanks and please do. Cheers!


Hi Need2save! I don’t mean to be creepy, but I saw on the map you live near me and where I grew up. Thought I’d say hi publicly so not as creepy as PMing you. :slight_smile:


Ok, that’s creepy. :slight_smile:


Haha, true


Welcome, grab a drink and have a seat! Looking forward to your blog!