Hi. Tom here saying hello from Dividends Diversify


Hello everyone. I’m Tom.

I have been publishing content over at Dividends Diversify for about 5 months. I focus on personal finance and the pursuit of financial independence with a focus on dividend paying stocks to build a passive income stream.

Getting involved in the Rockstar forums, has been on my to do list for a while. There’s just so much to do in starting and running an active blog. Can you relate? But I have finally made it and look forward to interacting with you all.



Glad to see you here, Tom! Welcome.


Well thanks Mr. DS. Always nice to see a friendly face. Tom


Welcome, Tom.


Thank you Sir.


What you weren’t here yet!! It took me a while too but totally worth it. I still don’t spend enough time checking the forum but slowly getting there!
Welcome Tom! :grinning:


Hi Caroline, Yeah. I’m a little slow at some things, but I eventually get there. Thanks for the welcome note. Tom


Welcome, to Rockstar!!




Welcome Tom!!!


Thank you Doctor


Welcome, Tom!


Welcome to the forums!


Thanks ladies! Tom


Hi Tom, welcome to the forums!


Thanks Amy. Tom


Welcome, Tom!! If you have any questions about blogging, let me know. I know it can be pretty daunting when you first start out.



Welcome to the place where money is not a dirty word! I think you’ll find membership here…

…pays dividends! :wink:


Welcome Tom!