HI! Sustainability and Personal Finance Blogger from NJ


Hi there! My name is Catherine. Just joined recently and happy to have found this group. I’m a former adtech PM turned writer/blogger.

I write over at thedosomethingproject.com about all things sustainability, minimalism, bio-hacking and travel.

I was inspired by the FI community to start sistersforfi.com with my sisters and some friends. We are in the early stages of ramping our site up with the goal of providing financial resources for women.

My ultimate goal is to showcase the intersection of how we can live a more eco-friendly life and be financially secure and comfortable.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you. I’d love to hear from you if you are from NJ or in NYC and anywhere else in the world.


Welcome, Catherine, to personal finance addicts anonymous! :grinning:


Hi Welcome. I’m from NJ and work in NYC.


I’m from NJ too. Welcome aboard!




Thank you! I’ve already spent a good amount of time on the site already. :grinning:


Nice! I used to do that commute for a while from North Jersey. Currently in central.