Hi, I'm Thomas


So I have been reading Budgetsaresexy (along with other great blogs) for awhile now and I guess its time to start chatting.


Well hello, Math Guy. What’s your story? Do you have a goal of financial independence (or perhaps you’re already there)? Just curious - thanks for joining the party!


I would love to get there someday.

I am lucky that even though FI wasn’t something that we talked about as a family, we were raised to avoid debt.

So once I started reading and learning it turns out I was half way there.

These days I continue to live below my means, stash away savings and grow my net worth. I am very interested in making friends with people who live the same way.


Wow, nice - certainly sounds like you are WELL on your way to achieving your goals. And making friends will be easy on these [still new] forums. :slight_smile:


I still have years to go before I get there but I have started walking and its in the right direction.


Welcome Math Guy!!!

Looking forward to chatting with you too.


@Math_Guy nice to meet you, bro! Thx for reading BudgetsAreSexy!


That’s where we’re at. We’re early, but heading in the right direction. Nice to meet you Math Guy!


Welcome to the forums Thomas.



A :chart_with_upwards_trend: together :fire:together :slight_smile:


Hi @Math_Guy and welcome! I also grew up in a household where I learned to avoid debt. So even though we were very, very poor and didn’t have much, just the concept of minimizing debt is a tremendous help to my FI journey. FIRE date is Oct 2018 :champagne::champagne: :champagne:


@SheRocksFinances, within a year nice. :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum! From your name… I’m guessing you like math? :slight_smile:


Math Guy was the handle given to me by a good buddy in college, he was big into Ho scale slot cat racing. He has 4 tracks in his basement and threw a great Daytona 500 party every year. Everyone races by a handle and that just showed up in place of my name.

It kinda stuck for there since I am now a math professor.