Hi, I'm Chrissy and I'm a brand-new FI blogger


Hi everyone,

It looks like I’ve found another amazing online hangout! I can’t wait to learn and engage with all you awesome people.

Who am I? I’m a 40 year old wife and mom. We live near Vancouver, BC and are aiming for FI in our mid-40s. I discovered FI in 2014 through Mr. Money Mustache and have been drinking the Kool-Aid since!

I’ve dreamt of starting my own blog for more than a decade, and was so excited to finally launch it in January: eatsleepbreathefi.com

It’s been a crazy, fun ride so far, and I’m loving every minute.

I’ve already met some of you via Twitter and Facebook, and am looking forward to getting to know even more of you here. I’m excited to be part of this community, and hope to give back even more than what I receive from the forums.



Hi Chrissy!

A Dime Saved


Hello Chrissy, and welcome to the forums! Like the blog name and your website layout. Well done and welcome to the community!


Great to hear your story! Welcome to the group. :slight_smile:


Hi Robin! Thanks for welcome me. :slight_smile:

Mr. FFP and MobileHomeGurl: Thank you both for your kind words.


Welcome Chrissy. Glad you found your way over here.


Welcome Chrissy!


Welcome to the blogging addiction!


Great to have you here!


Thanks ESIMoney! You do great work at Rockstar. I’m excited to finally be part of the community.


I love the watercolor vibes and the layout is nice and clean. Great start.


Aww, thanks MortgageBurningParty! That means a lot. I’m a graphic designer—but with print, not web experience. I’m all thumbs with this web design stuff… It’s not easy!


Welcome! I love the look of your site - the drawing art is great.


Welcome Chrissy! Your site layout and images look amazing!


Thank you principalFI! Such kind words. :slight_smile:


It’s so lovely for you to say that financialtortoise. Thank you!


Welcome to the club and congrats on going live finally :slight_smile:


Welcome and congrats on starting your blog!

I’ve never contemplated anything for 10 years so that’s impressive! I probably should’ve had a better game plan when I started my blog.