Hi! FIREat40 here!


Hi friends!

Over the last few years we have been reading and watching the FIRE community. After many calculations, and motivation from the great community here, we are now actively pursuing our attempt to be FIREd and FREE at 40!

We are holding ourselves accountable and documenting the journey at http://www.fireat40.com/
and on twitter @fireat40

Looking forward to the journey and continuing the conversation with everyone here!


Welcome! I look forward to reading about your success.




Welcome and best of luck!


Welcome aboard!




Welcome to the group! :slight_smile:




Welcome! Best of luck, there’s no challenge more rewarding


Hello! I like your blog. I was looking for a place to subscribe so I could get emails when you post new items, but I didn’t see one. Let me know if you add this!


Hello and welcome!!