Hi Everyone! Long-time reader, new to the forums!


Hello, my name is Patrick. I have been coming to Rockstar Finance for a little over two years now and have learned so much! I am a soon-to-be college graduate in New Hampshire and two days ago I decided to start my own personal finance blog! I anticipate talking about saving, investing, being frugal and trying to enjoy life while doing it.

I’d love for anyone to check it out and let me know what they think, you can find it at commonsenseonfinance.com

I appreciate any feedback I can get and look forward to being a part of the forums!


Welcome, Patrick. I like your homepage very much. It’s clean looking and laid out very well.


Hi Patrick, welcome to the forums. Congrats on the blog and your upcoming graduation! I too like the look of your homepage. Keep filling your site with good content and let us know if you have any questions.


Welcome. Your home page looks great!


Great that you’re starting your personal finance journey so early! You’re ahead of most of your peers.


Great to see you started something!




Welcome, Patrick. Way to go for actually taking the initiative to start. Sometimes that’s a huge hurdle.
Blogging is tough - it can be rewarding - but it’s tough at times. Keep at it, and keep posting - regularly.

If you haven’t joined the blogger lounge - you should. There’s a ton of great info about blogging in there.


Hey Patrick -
There’s a Twitter setting in you share plug in. Add your Twitter handle there so that if a post of yours is shared you get notified. Otherwise people have to remember to manually add it to the Tweet when they share. If they don’t you won’t receive a notification.

You can add something like – via @CSonFinance
Then check it yourself by sharing a post from your site.


Patrick, welcome to the forum. Your blog home page looks very nice. Clean and easy to view. It may be intentional or not, but I do find myself wanting something of color at the top title bar though. Whether you eventually add a color photo, or maybe a logo or something once you get a little further down the road.

Glad to have you here!