Hi everyone - I'm t!


Hi everyone!

I’m t and I blog over at Career Crisis Accountant!

I’ve been involved in personal finance for a 4-5 years now. My wife and I paid off $55k in student loan debt in 4 years, with the last $36k paid off in the final 18 months once we finally focused on getting rid of it.

This is my second year of seriously pursuing FI. My wife and I have saved 50%+ for the past two years and pushing to increase it this year. My main motivation to achieve FI is to gain back time. Every time I hear my daughter say that daddy can’t do something because “daddy go work”, I get more motivated to achieve it.

I’m looking forward to getting to know people more and contributing to some fun money talk!


Welcome. Congrats on paying off your student loans.


Welcome and congrats!


Welcome and congrats on your major accomplishment.


Thanks everyone!


Welcome you seem to have had a good journey so far. I wish you luck.


Hi t. I’m Tom. Welcome.


Hi t, welcome to the forums. Nice job paying off the debt and increasing your savings.


Welcome to the forums! Are we sure your daughter isn’t telling you to work harder so you never have to work again? They say children are more perceptive than we know so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn she is picking up your money knowledge.

Here’s to FI and living the life you love!


Welcome t. I’m in my 2nd year of seriously pursuing FI as well.

We’ll get there!


Welcome. I love your site name and am looking forward to reading your material.